Removing/Replacing Knobs


A very common modification for instruments is new knobs!  I cannot tell you the number of times I get a chagrined call from someone that has pulled out the shaft in his or her enthusiasm to replace the knob.  Proceed with appropriate caution!

I have attached a series of pictures showing a safe way to remove the knobs if they are tight.  Excessive force, especially on the Volume and Mid pull-pots can pull out the shafts.  Try to take the knobs off gently by hand first before trying to pry them off as I show in the photos.  I used a screwdriver in the pictures, but a small thin putty knife also works well.  Just work around the knobs prying up a little bit at a time in each location.  Be very careful that you don’t gouge the finish with the screwdriver.  Once you have the knob loosened you can usually pull it off with your fingers.