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The Man Behind MTD - Michael Tobias

Michael Tobias began his career by doing repairs in The Guitar Shop in Washington D.C in 1974. The early experiences that he gained by fixing a wide variety of instruments, most of them being acoustic, helped him later go on to design and build some of the most impressive electric instruments in the world. "The most important thing I learned is that, no matter what the instrument is, it is first and foremost acoustic. If an instrument sounds weak acoustically, adding pick-ups will just amplify its shortcomings," says Michael. "Throughout my career I have tried to apply this principal to everything I build."

Michael's prestigious custom USA MTD basses are incredible instruments that have drawn praise all over the world. They are known for their exotic woods, fantastic tone and incredible playability,

Driven by a desire to offer superb electric basses at a price that everyone can afford, Michael created the Michael Tobias Design (MTD) Kingston production series of basses in the mid-80’s. MTD Kingston basses share many of the same design elements and qualities as his handmade USA basses, but at a much lower price due in part to more readily available woods and standardized finishes. In 2013, Michael Tobias introduced his Kingston series of electric guitars – the Rubicon.

Michael Tobias is a legend in the bass community whose talent and commitment to quality have advanced the art of bass building to a great degree. But he is first and foremost a guitar player and now he has developed an electric guitar that embraces all that he has learned building and fixing instruments for the last 40 years. The Kingston series of basses and guitars represent an incredible opportunity to own the best designed instruments available at a very affordable price. Many USA MTD bassists use a Kingston when they are on tour because they want the MTD tone and design but they want to protect their custom bass from the hazards of the road.

As Michael Tobias says, "Thank you for your interest in MTD Kingston. I know that these instruments will bring you great satisfaction and enjoyment."

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