Statement on Providing Free Gear

MTD Kingston does not provide instruments to Artists or nor does it "sponsor" bands, which involves outfitting all the players with free gear.   We don't do that for several reasons. 

  1. Michael Tobias feels that if someone feels strongly about the MTD tone, they won't mind paying for it.
  2. Because we don't do free gear we don't have to pump up the prices to support that program. This means a better value for you, the musician.  Great design at the lowest possible price.
  3. Free gear for an endorsement (which is practiced by many, many companies) is a slippery slope that results in a game no one should play.   An endorsement should be out of
    loyalty and respect to a product, not to a wallet.
  4. There are "professional" endorsers out there.  Musicians that give other artists a bad name.  Musicians that only endorse a product because they get free gear and they are often seen playing another product at shows, etc.  You see this ALL the time.
  5. We get behind the musician – not the band.  We don’t sponsor bands.

With MTD Kingston, you know the endorsement is good and the sentiments are not paid for. Ask any one of our Artists or Emerging Artists.