Emerging Artists

Our Emerging Artists are hard working musicians that love their MTD Kingstons! They are
not yet signed with a major label or a major group but are dedicated to their music and to
their MTD basses and guitars. Many of these emerging artists play in several bands and
often stand in for other musicians and support various causes in their community. 
DBG and MTD Kingston salute them!


Scott Agnew

"Absolutely LOVE their basses!  Played a Fender for years and have converted for LIFE!!"
photo by Rebecca Janow
Scott Agnew
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artists 4-string

Scott Agnew has been a musician for over twenty years in the Memphis area.  Over those years he has played for many bands and showcased different styles. Currently he is playing in a working metal band with many shows and great things to come!








Chuck Andes

"My MTD Kingston super 5 is so versatile and can create so many tones it's just a beast. It can send vibes that just cut through the soul. The super 5 also just gets so many comments from the way it looks to the way it sounds it's incredible! Thanks for such a great piece of work MTDKingston!"


Chuck Andes
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5

Chuck’s love for live music began in The Deep South of Louisiana. He began playing acoustic guitar as a teenager and eventually moved to bass guitar where his roots stuck. At the age of 21, Chuck started to play the music scene with bands covering everything from blues, southern rock, and country, to swamp pop artists like Van Broussard and the Boogie Kings, and more soulful artists like Otis Redding and Percy Sledge, to name just a few. Chuck would also play bass every Sunday in church worship band. Chuck, his beautiful wife, and son moved to Colorado 13 years ago. After a couple of years of taking off of music to adjust to work and family life of Colorado, Chuck started playing in the worship band at his local church. Eventually, Chuck started getting called to play at churches all over Colorado because of a need for bass players. Chuck has played with multiple worship artists along the front range and is usually at a different church every Sunday with various bands.   He feels he has a very blessed music life and cannot be happier at this point being able to represent such a fine company as MTD Kingston and its bass guitars. He resides in Colorado with his wife of 26 years and son who is in college, and where he continues to work as a registered nurse.




Quetzal Emanuel Andrade

"With or without a rhyme,
MTD all the time!"


photo by Lena C. Andrade
Quetzal Emanuel Andrade
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6 and MTD 635-24

Quetzal Emanuel Andrade is a bilingual Music Educator & performing musician from Fresno, California. Quetzal is fluent in English & Spanish. He is well versed in multiple rhythm section instruments, such as guitar, piano, & drums. Although, he received his bachelor’s degree in Music with an emphasis in Percussion from CSU, Fresno, he developed a natural love for bass & has preferred it above all instruments. He has experience harmonizing background vocals for the Bryan Vickers Band; however, his real passion is playing bass in multiple groups.

Quetzal submerges himself into performing any genre confidently with his MTD Kingston Z6 bass slung over his shoulder, all while smoothly multitasking on his keyboard set up to add harmonic accompaniments. His MTD 6-string is an essential teaching tool in his music classroom & offers musical demonstrations for any genre of music for his students. Quetzal composes a variety of compositions for his school ensembles (Band, Guitar, Percussion) & also, writes for his personal performing groups. He uses FINALE Music Notation software when charting music & has experience with Logic Pro recording software. Quetzal has taught middle school music for 8 years & has played bass for 16 years. He gives God the glory & plays at 2 churches every Sunday.




Sam Arnold
"This is hands down the
best looking, best playing,
best sounding fretless bass
I have ever played. From
the moment I first picked it
up I could tell this was it,
and now it's MTD4LYFE
for me!"
Sam Arnold
MTD Instrument: Kingston Z 5 Fretless

Sam picked up the bass at the age of 16, and immediately felt a strong connection with the instrument. Inspired by legendary bassists such as Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee, Victor Wooten, MTD artists Andrew Gouché and Robert "Bubby" Lewis, Bakithi Kumalo, Stanley Clarke, Stefan Lessard, Janek Gwizdala, Marcus Miller and a host of others, Sam became completely pursuant at achieving a proficiency of his instrument. This drive has resulted in a number of gigs and engagements around the Portland metro area, including leading and organizing jazz trios, and being one part of an in-demand duo of him and his guitarist brother Chris Arnold. A majority of Sam's performances feature the bass prominently in the lead role, and his MTD KZ 5 fretless fits that bill perfectly. Apart from jazz duos and trios, Sam, now 22, is often approached for session gigs and recording sessions by various musicians and artists. 

Apart from bass, Sam plays a wide variety of instruments, and actively plays the trombone in a variety of orchestras and ensembles. He uses this unique knowledge of different genres in combination to create his own personal style of performing and playing and the bass.




Joe Ayroso

"The biggest thing I noticed when I got my MTD Artist
bass is that it is so light and ergonomic compared to my other basses.  Sometimes I have to play 2 hour straight and the next day my back would be in a lot of pain. 
With the MTD Artist,
no pain."


photo by Josh Stewart
Joe Ayroso
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist

Having the physical stamina to play for 4 hours a night, being able to recall hundreds of songs and the ability to play many different styles convincingly are key traits for a cover band musician.  Joe Ayroso is the bassist for two San Francisco Bay Area cover bands, Fast Times and Night Train.  If you ever wondered what Lady Gaga sounds like with heavy metal guitars, that’s Night Train.  Fast Times brings you back to 1986 by faithfully reproducing the vibe of the 80’s.

As Joe states, “When you play in high quality cover bands, looking the part and putting on an exciting show is just as important as sounding great.  I hit my dance choreography, interact with the audience, stomp on bass synth pedals and get people dancing on the dance floor.  I love studying the styles of bass players like John Deacon from Queen, John Taylor of Duran Duran and Bernard Edwards from Chic.”


Chuck Bailey

“The only thing better than
an MTD is the people that
stand behind them.  It truly
is humbling and inspiring
to be part of such as
amazing Family because it
is really like a FAMILY.  Not just a cliché, sales pitch or gimmick.  Not a single person
is like that…there is a mutual Love and Respect for
wonderful instruments and even better people.  I knew right away that after years
of searching I found my
sound and my home.  MTD4LYFE!”
Chuck Bailey
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe and soon to be USA MTD 534-24

Chuck Bailey has been playing bass for almost 20 years and he is still learning! Signed to SONY BMG in 2008-2009 he has been able to play and tour professionally and it has been a blessing. Now a hired gun for recording, writing and live performance he predominantly works in Las Vegas, NV. Outside of MTD he proudly endorses Bartolini Pickups and Electronics, Darkglass Electronics, Gallien-Krueger, Tsunami Cables and Labella Strings. "Let’s make some Music!"




Daniel Bagdazian

"I love my MTD Saratoga Deluxe 4-string because of
its incredible versatility in
tone and playability."
Daniel Bagdazian
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 4

Daniel Bagdazian is a classically-trained, multi-instrumentalist from Santa Barbara, CA. He has many years of experience in teaching, recording, producing, engineering and performing. He started playing piano at 7 years old and moved to guitar and bass a few years later. He has played in many different groups and bands over the years in the classical, Celtic, folk, jazz and rock genres. 

Daniel is a full time musician who teaches piano, guitar, and bass at DeTar Music Studios in Santa Barbara, CA and performs with many different people and groups. He is a sought after session player and live musician who works quickly and efficiently at a professional level. He is able to travel for work and is available for sessions or gigs.

Some of his bass influences include Chuck Rainey, James Jamerson, Jaco Pastorius, Pino Palladino and anything Motown.




Aaron Bishop

"I love the versatility that
the KZ 5 has. It sounds
amazing no matter what
genre I play."
photo by Derrick Harvey
Aaron Bishop
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ 5

Aaron is a 22-year-old, self-taught, musician located near the Philadelphia area. He started playing bass at church around the age of 16 and hasn’t put it down since. At the moment, he is playing with his University’s traveling worship team, Chosen.  "We have traveled up and down the East Coast playing at different churches, concerts, youth camps and youth retreats. In my own down time, I love playing all kinds of different genres, especially funk, pop, jazz or R&B."

His dreams are to travel and play with a group of phenomenal musicians who push him and help him to progress each and every day. Whether it is just gigs on the weekend, playing at his local church, or just setting up in a studio and recording; Aaron just wants to play. "I plan on continuing to grow in the musical gifts that God has so graciously given to me and to use them in whatever ways that I can."






Ed Brandt

"I knew of MTD because
Mike is local to me, so when
I turned to bass full time, I looked immediately to MTD
for my tone.  I have yet to
find another bass that comes close to the amazing tone and build of my MTD Heirs.  With some touch-ups by Michael Tobias himself, they play effortlessly. There is zero comparison."


photo by Ron Scavetta
Ed Brandt
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 4 Trans Red/Rosewood, 1st Gen. Kingston Heir 5 Trans Black/Rosewood with Bartolini Pickups and Preamp, 2nd Gen.

Ed’s musical background is extremely varied which makes his style all his own.  He began to play the guitar at the age of 8.  Ed’s influences include, but definitely not limited to: A7X, Airborne, GnR, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, BLS, Led Zeppelin, and Metallica.

Ed has been playing guitar in bands since the age of 16.  In college, he ran open-mic nights at the college center, played in his own band, and helped out a friend’s band when they played shows in the local bars and clubs.  After college, he started an original band that showcased his talent along with the amazing talent of two close friends in a thrash metal band.  After his band hired and either fired or had six bass players quit, he decided to take on the role of bass player for himself, and found his niche. 

His current band Silver Spade has opened for Jeff Tate, Sanctuary, Appetite for Destruction, White Lion, Mother, George Lynch, and jammed with tons of other acts in NYC, CT, and the Hudson Valley.






Ronald Brown

"Play harder!"
Ronald Brown
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 5 and Kingston Z6

A Waterbury, Connecticut native, Ronald's affinity for music began at the tender age of seven where he took to playing piano. After mastering piano he moved on to drums and then bass guitar. However, Ronald did not pursue a music career right off. He went on to get his Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems while employed with IBM for fourteen years.

In his spare time Ronald would play for his church which afforded him the opportunity to perfect his craft and take a great interest in bass guitar. Ronald went on to play for the Goldsboro- Raleigh Assembly Mass Choir. This laid the foundation for him to play with gospel artists: Kirvy Brown, Monique Walker, Dorothy Norwood and Timothy Wright. From there, Ronald was hired to play on the soundtracks of three gospel plays entitled: Burdens to Bear, Save a Seat for Me and Save a Seat for Me Too.

Now having transitioned into contemporary jazz, Ronald credits jazz legends Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller and Jaco Pastoria for influencing his musical style. With a full plate; Ronald is currently playing bass with Atlanta local band Fusion Triangle with whom they have a new single out entitled: Golden Hearted. In addition, Ronald has recently put together his own band Muzik and they are making their presence known in and around Atlanta. 





Abrian Chavez

"When you pick up an MTD, you’ll soon realize why the players say 'MTD4Lyfe'.
I am yet to pick up another bass that feels as natural
as my KZ5 and is the first
bass I pick upfor gigging, practicing and recording."
photo by Cynthia Gonzales
Abrian Chavez
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ 5

For more than 14 years Abrian has been dedicated to listening and playing music. Abrian started off playing the Bb Clarinet in Middle school and really enjoyed it and how natural music started to become. Soon after, Abrian started to focus on instruments much more and listening to guitar and bass. Although bass being his main instrument, Classical guitar became a big part throughout high school as he received formal lessons. Classical guitar helped Abrian develop a structured playing style on bass.

Abrian plays for the Albuquerque based bands Aaralyn and Noble Lie and which will be releasing albums the beginning of 2016. Abrian’s MTD KZ5 will be featured on the band Noble Lies EP.




Carl Cherry II

"I've played many basses
and my MTD is one of the
best feeling basses I've
ever played. I love my AG 6 and the variety of sound possibilities for both live
and in the studio."
photo by Ladelle Peabody
Carl Cherry II 
MTD Instruments: Kingston Andrew Gouche 6

Carl Cherry II is a multi-instrumentalist. He has found success as a bassist, drummer and pianist and has played all over the world with various artists. Never one to be satisfied with one style of music, his session work has him playing every style imaginable.  He spent years as a worship pastor and  currently teaches music in Tucson Arizona. You can find Carl bringing groove in churches, clubs and concert stages as well as mentoring musicians both young and old to help reach their musical goals. 








Stuart Coles

"I love my MTD"


photo by Kirk Duplantis
Stuart Coles
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5

Stuart Coles holds a bachelor of music from the University of Arkansas at Monticello and a Master of Music from the University of New Orleans both in Jazz Studies.  He performs dozens of times a month throughout the great music town of New Orleans!  And when he isn’t performing, he is doing session work, composing, or arranging or all three. He is also working on his tuba chops so he can do some brass band work. 
Stuart performs regularly with artists such as Delfeayo Marsalis, Noruz, the New Orleans Swinging Gypsies, the Meter Maids, the Jean Marie Harris Band and many more.  He has toured China and several small tours in the USA Stuart's commanding sound, melodic bass lines, and high intensity has made him a high demand in the New Orleans music scene. 


Ben Crossgrove

"My MTD Kingston KZ6 is my everything bass, it is reliable for any musical situation!"
Ben Crossgrove
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 6-string

Ben began playing bass at the age of 13, and ever since then it has become his one true passion. Over his high school career he was involved in many jazz bands and received numerous awards commemorating his dedication to music. Since graduating from Owego Free Academy, he now attends Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, NY to study Music Recording Technology.

Ben currently plays with the jazz fusion group MVT, based in Rochester, NY and has been recognized locally as a young and talented bassist to watch. 





James Curran

"This bass is the easiest playing bass I have ever played and the sheer amount of tones it is capable of is incredible."


photo by Jennifer Curran
James Curran
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 4-string

A native of the Hudson Valley, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist James Curran is a 35-year veteran of the regional music scene. The bass player for Patterns of Grace, Bone Groove, and his own solo studio project, Gorilla Warfare, Curran turns to his Michael Tobias Designs five-string for it's versatility and ease of play. "I can get tons of tones out of it. From funk to hard rock, if I'm playing a gig that demands a lot out of me, I'm going to the axe that gets the job done right."

Going into the studio for Gorilla Warfare, Curran uses his MTD for writing as well as laying down tracks. "It's just easier to grab the MTD and dial in a tone quickly without having to think about it a lot," says Curran, who infuses his music with a large range of diverse styles, from techno to hard rock, punk and old blues from the South. "I can always get distracted by searching through my different instruments looking for just the right sound, but I focus on the music when I just keep the MTD on hand, and what's it all about for me is the music."

Having heard through other musicians of the MTD basses, Curran picked his first up used, and found himself using it more and more and going to MTD to get a second.




Jake DeTar

“I love my Saratoga Deluxe! It’s super smooth feel and wide range of tones makes it easy to stay in the pocket and cut through the mix, no matter what room or rig.”
Jake DeTar
MTD Instruments: Saratoga Deluxe 5-string

Jake DeTar is a classically-trained, multi-instrumentalist from Santa Barbara, CA. As co-founder/owner of DeTar Music Studios, he has extensive experience in teaching, recording, producing, performing, and composing. His formal training on piano, professional drumming capabilities, and virtuosic guitar skills provide for Jake a good understanding of theory, polyphony, and dynamics with the chops to back it all!

Jake is the resident bass player at DeTar Music Production Studio, consistently challenging him to work quickly and efficiently at a high level, either when working alone, or when collaborating with other session players. He is well experienced in writing/arranging parts for both covers and originals, composing and producing film scores on a professional level, as well as performing for hire.

Jake chooses to track and perform with his MTD Saratoga Deluxe 5-string because of its versatility in tone and overall playability. His musical influences for bass include Steely Dan, Muse, Queen, Tower of Power and the like.






Bradley Dyess

"The tone and sustain are amazing; this is definitely the best electric bass I’ve ever owned."

Bradley Dyess

MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-string

Growing up in a family of musicians, it wasn’t uncommon to see Bradley with a pair of drumsticks in his hands, playing the keys, or holding a guitar.  It wasn’t until he was 16 though, that he picked up his first bass guitar and rest is history.  While he still enjoys playing keys from time-to-time, bass guitar is his true passion.  From the national spotlight on Gospel Music Television, to weekly church services, session work, and clubs large and small; he’s done it all.  Currently, Bradley is playing for Timothy Paul, an independent country artist in central Ohio.  Rest assured, his Kingston Z will be in-hand.

“From the moment I picked it up, I knew this was the instrument for me.  This instrument is a natural extension of my body.  As such, I don’t want an instrument that gets in the way of my creativity because it’s uncomfortable to play.  I can play a 4 hour gig comfortably with this instrument or spend a day doing session work without any discomfort. 






Ryan Ecklund

"MTD Kingston basses are
the total package. Incredible playability and feel, they look amazing, they’re lightweight, and they possess that unmistakable, unique tone
that only MTD’s have.  These basses are totally unparalled and unmatched by any other “comparable” basses in their respective price ranges. For me, it’s gotta be MTD."
Ryan Ecklund
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5, Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5

Ryan is a Western New York based bassist that has been playing in and around the region for almost 20 years.

After receiving his first bass for his 16th birthday, Ryan spent all of his free time in his bedroom, listening to and learning basslines from his favorite albums. After teaching himself the fundamentals of the instrument and learning the various styles of his favorite bassists, Ryan went on to study Music Performance and Music Business at the State University of New York at Fredonia. After finishing school, Ryan spent most of his time on the road touring up and down the east coast, having the opportunity to share the stage with many big-name nationally and regionally touring acts at some of the most prestigious venues and music festivals on the east coast.

Ryan currently performs with the Jamestown based funk/soul band, Smackdab; indie rock band, The Audience; and reggae/folk band Qwister.




The Audience


William Eggleston Jr.
"Hmmm, the sound of my
bass just changed the
mood, atmosphere, foundation….. Regardless
of the engagement, just walking into the gig, the standard is already
exceeded.  #MTD4LYFE."


Photo by Jason Cornell "808 Visualz"
William Eggleston Jr.
MTD Instruments: Kingston ZX

William Eggleston Jr. has been a musician for over 25 years.  His musical background began at age two, banging on pots, pans, and anything he considered a drumset.  He ultimately began playing drums in his church. He met his music mentors (Quinton Wilkerson and Eric Screven) at Emanuel Church of God in Christ, where they groomed him into the musician he is today. 

In October of 2007, he realized that he had peaked as a drummer so he decided to learn a new instrument; the electric bass guitar.  His mentor Eric Screven taught him two vital techniques in playing bass, #1.  How to place his fingers on the fretboard and #2. How to play a major scale.  After that Eric said, "Playing bass is a challenge that you must be willing to accept.  The responsibility behind the challenge is to become a musician with a voice that is capable of speaking music through playing to your audience."  Since then, he has evolved into an effective and passionate bass player and musician; keeping in mind the challenges set forth by his mentor and also pursuing his own challenge of relentless practice and keeping God in his music …





Adam Egizi

"The moment I played my
MTD, I was sold! Great bass with its versatility to many styles with massive tone customization.  A nice, clean sounding, easy playing bass."
Adam Egizi
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 4-String

Adam was born and raised in New Jersey, minutes away from Manhattan.  After a brief stint on drums, trumpet and flute, Adam found the bass at 13.  At the age of 16 Adam started playing bass in the Paul Green School of Rock All Stars, where he toured domestically and internationally for 6 tours.  Having a bachelor’s in filmmaking, Adam uses both film and music to his advantage.  Adam has shared the stage with many pros in the NY area and continues to in many styles of music.

Aside from playing on stage, Adam has a great amount of experience in the studio recording with different artists and writing original material with various bands and songwriters.  Experience in club dates, weddings and corporate parties to the biggest of the festival stages, Adam does not shy away from any type of gig.  When not playing bass, you may see him on ukulele with a duo or trio.  Adam is a young professional ready to play on stage and in studio.  Also available to track bass remotely from home studio.

Short List of Credits:
On Stage: “Rock of Ages” at Palace Theatre, NH, (2x) NBC’s Columbus Day Parade: National Broadcast, Napoleon Murphy Brock (Zappa), Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus), Brendan Small (Metalacalpyse), Andrew W.K., Anton Fig (Late Night with Letterman), Tommy Kessler (Blondie, Broadway’s “Rock of Ages”), The Butthole Surfers.

In Studio: Neil Dorfsman (Dire Straits), Hal Winer (Rob Thomas), Clifford Carter (The Monkees), Roger Moutenot (Black Keys), Pal Shazar & Jules Shear (Cyndi Lauper), Carlo Colasacco (Shinedown), Bill Miller (Mr. Oceanliner Documentary)







MTD Kingston Local hero Josh Engel

"This bass is the business.  It looks, sounds, and plays amazing."
Josh Engel
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 6

Josh first picked up a bass in junior high school after watching all of his friends start to play music.  While attending Valencia High School he played in the school jazz band, but it wasn’t until he got to college that he started taking bass playing seriously. 

At the NAMM show in 2007 Josh met gospel bass legend Andrew Gouche, who first introduced him to MTD basses.  After studying with Andrew and becoming close friends with Bubby Lewis, Josh got his first MTD, a Kingston Z6 in late 2011.  Currently Josh is playing bass for the up and coming hip-hop/R&B band, Cold Blooded Soul.  He also plays out in the greater Los Angeles area and is pursing a degree in Music Industry Studies at California State University, Northridge. 






Greg Fernandez

"My MTD KZ5 is by far the best value for the dollar!"
Greg Fernandez
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-string

Greg Fernandez was raised in a musically rich environment.  As a Central Coast native, his mentors and current band mates are graduates of the Berklee College of Music.  Greg began playing the Monterey music scene at the tender age of 15.  After spending time on the road touring with various projects, he has returned to his roots and is now again active on the music scene both in the California Central Coast and the Central Valley.

Over the last 30 years he has played or owned every boutique bass on the market.  Greg is currently enjoying playing the MTD Kingston Z5 model  He says of his KZ5 “..with its rich tone and beauty; this bass is a pleasure to play with a voice that sings beautifully.”



Walt Finnerty

"I’m loving my MTD Kingston Super 5. It has everything you’d expect from a MTD. Build Quality, Symmetry, Looks, Feel, and that Glorious MTD Tone. I Slap, a lot. And this Bass offers a variety of killer Slap Tones at the flick of a switch. Each Pup can be run in Series or Parallel or Single Coil Mode. Add a Bart 3 Band Pre on top and Bam!!!! The B string on the MTD Kingston is the best B string I’ve ever had the pleasure to slap. All tone, no flub and sustain for days. I highly recommend the MTD Kingston Super 5 to any Bassist looking to get into an MTD at an affordable price point. I liked my MTD Kingston Super 5 so much in less than a month I purchased the MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5  as I needed a 5 String Jazz Bass style Bass. This bass too is awesome and the Slap tones to be had are absolutely outstanding. Out of the box I didn’t have to tweak anything and this bass also has that MTD Tone. I ordered the see through Gloss Black with Flame maple Top and Maple Fingerboard. It is truly a beautiful Instrument to behold. Two Great Basses and I highly recommend the MTD Kingston line for any player looking to get into an MTD at an affordable Price. I have posted videos of me Slapping on each bass on my Facebook Page."
photo by Douglas Norton
Walt Finnerty
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5. Dr. Browns Burst with Maple Fretboard (Lovette J). Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5. (Sara J) See through Gloss Black with Flame maple Top and Maple Fretboard.

Walt is a Free Lance Bassist and Gun for Hire. He has played in many venues in Europe, Asia, Hawaii and other places in the USA and can be found playing in the DE/PA/NJ Tri-State area supporting Christian Smooth Jazz Artist Michelle Danette and Remnant Sounds. He is also a Session Bassist for Tight Mike Productions out of  Philly. Walt is currently an Endorsing Artist for Tecamp Bass Players Gear, and an Emerging Artist for Bartolini Pickups and Electronics.










Local Hero Brian Foster

"My MTD Kingston Heir
5-string is the most playable and dynamic bass I’ve ever owned.  Right out of the box this bass was ready for anything. And what Tone! Fantastic instruments."
photo by Hilary Foster
Brian Foster
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 5

Brian has been playing the bass for over 20 years and he continues to be amazed by the experiences that come his way. Each year brings something new to him and each new project seems to get better and better. He is currently supporting the country/folk/bluegrass band Kenyon Hill, and the rock/folk/funk/jazz band One Click Culture. In the fall of 2012, Brian co-founded the Southern Tier Bass Collective in upstate NY with fellow MTDer Michael Wu. He has always been drawn to the basses designed by Michael Tobias, and he is honored to be included in the Local Hero program from MTD Kingston and Dana B. Goods.








A.J. Gerst

"Simply put 'the dopest bass I’ve ever played!'"
photo by Jocelyn Little
A.J. Gerst
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 5

A.J. Gerst landed in Las Vegas, NV from small town, PA  nearly a decade ago. His first musical endeavor was as a founding member of, the now mythical Las Vegas underground art rock group, Rooftop Ridicule which was singed to Washington D.C. Label, District records.

Now A.J. holds down the low end with blues rock bad boys Strange Mistress a three piece group of which he is also a founding member, that is signed to independent label Brain Jelly Music. A.J has traveled and played all over the country and is dedicated to promoting the lost art form of old fashioned rock n’ roll.








Steven J Goldman

"Unlike many other basses which require a hefty amount of artificial frequency balancing in post, the MTD Saratoga KS5 is supremely balanced as-is. Across all 5 strings and up-and-down the fretboard, this instrument needs less compression, EQ and post effects to sound great than just about anything I've played or heard. It makes my life in the studio much easier."
photo by Sean A Goldman
Steven J Goldman
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga, Tobacco Sunburst w/ Maple fretboard

Steven started the recording studio, Four Legs Records, in 2005. It began as a personal learning experience in Rock production while attending Cornell University for an unrelated major. Over the last decade it has grown and evolved into a professional operation, and his personal passion and career.

"I record, edit, mix and master music and performances of nearly every genre. I work with my own custom studio, equipment and software, and produce a product designed to stand back-to-back with commercial mixes in every respect."

Steven is known for his work in collegiate A Cappella, including CARA Award-winning work with Cornell University's Chordials. He also has a great deal of experience producing Rock, Metal, Indie, Pop, Electronic, and Hip Hop styles of music.

"I am skilled in composing my own pieces, as well as performing them in studio and live. My compositional experience allows me to work with artists as a producer, and not strictly as an engineer. My compositional work spans many genres, including Indie, Rock and Orchestral scoring for placement in gaming, TV and film environments. I am a skilled guitarist and bassist, as well as a vocalist and drummer."









Aaron Gomes

"I love my MTD!! 'Violet'
does everything that I ask
of her and more. I’ve had
this bass now for seven
years and am looking
forward to adding more
to the family."
photo by Anthony Zuniga
Aaron Gomes
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 5-string

Aaron Gomes was born and raised in the central valley of California. He has been playing bass since he was 12 and over that period of time he has played in several different jazz bands, toured with a gospel choir for several years, played for many church conferences and conventions, have made a studio and a live recording with one jazz group and have done several other small projects. He is also currently serving as the assistant to the coordinator of the Bass Bash that is hosted every year during the winter NAMM show in Anaheim.





Prentice "PHENOM" Harris

"As a bassist that plays
almost every genre of music, you need versatility, and this K6 is just that, SIMPLE!!!!"
photo by Valencia Turner
Prentice "PHENOM" Harris
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6

Growing up under the musical influences of his mother in church, listening and watching her teach and play piano, Prentice knew then at a young age music was for him. He has played and still plays a veriety of instruments through out the years. But he found his heart was with the bass. "I've taken on this instrument as a challenge and it has taken me to places I've never thought I would see. Ive been playing bass for 10 years now started in 2005. And in that short period of time I've played in churches, cover bands of all genres, played with a few artist."

Currently Prentice is currently playing in a Pearl Jam tribute band, and with a corporate band called the Robert Williamson Band. "My hopes and dreams are to let the world know that 'WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!' And to continue to share to others the gift that God has blessed me with!"




Julian Johnson
"Since being exposed to MTD nothing can compare to its feel and sound, I love everything about it MTD4LYFE!"
Julian Johnson
MTD Instruments: Kingston ZX

Julian was raised in a musical family and couldn't help but pick up an instrument. He began piano at the age of six and developed a strong passion for Gospel, R&B, and Funk music. Fortunately the only way he learned how to play piano till this day, is because of the bass. In high school he decided to pick up bass as a second instrument, and now can't leave it alone. Julian has been immersed in music everyday both on stage and in the studio, always seeking to learn and grow musically appreciating every style of music 

Currently Julian attends the Berklee College of Music and plays with a Band known as East Coast Soul. He has had the honor of performing with Gospel artist such as Tye Tribbett, Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin and Freda Battle. Julian is motivated by his faith in God and takes joy in every musical opportunity that comes his way, being encouraged by his mother to never give up on his dreams.

Matt Kaminski

"Just awesome, great tone
and action, the more I
play it, the more I love it!"
Matt Kaminski
MTD Instrument: Kingston Z 6-String Fretless

Matt's music career started at age 5 with the piano.  He grew up performing at his school and in church.  In high school at age 14 he decided to switch to the bass guitar.  He has studied and performed in a variety of styles, such as: Jazz, Latin, Funk, Reggae, Punk, and even Classical.  On both bass guitar and the upright. 

Currently he performs in a number of musical projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.







Jack Keller

"I love MTD Kingston basses - so smooth sounding and easy
to play and I can dial in
endless tones strait from my bass." 
Jack Keller 
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe
Jack Keller is a Los Angeles bass player who went to Cal state University Northridge for the Jazz studies program. He enjoys playing music of all styles but specializes in Funk, HipHop and Rock.  He has recorded with George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic, played bass for Norwood Fisher of the band FISHBONE's side project group entitled Trulio Disgracias. He has also played bass for Famous rapper Kurupt as well as played bass for Grammy award winning HipHop producer Shafiq Husayn. Jack has been playing MTD basses for 5 years. Currently he is about to do a  US tour with a rock funk band DOWNTOWN BROWN, whose last album was produced by Norwood Fisher of Fishbone.

Dave Klassik

"For me, the biggest thing I realized about the ZX, and especially the custom
Bartolini pickups, was that I couldn't get a tone I didn't
like out of it.  Even if I went polar opposite of my
preferred tone (few highs,
mid- and bass-heavy) the
tone was still leagues
beyond what I could
achieve with any bass I had previously owned.  The only thing I would consider replacing it with is another bass designed by Michael Tobias."
Dave Klassik
MTD Instruments: Kingston ZX5

Dave Klassik was born in Ann Arbor, MI, and has spent most of his 36 years in and around Toledo, OH.  Having picked up the bass at age 13 and being mostly self-taught, his technique and versatility have progressed from an initial interest in Rock and Improvisational styles to encompassing Funk, R&B, Blues and others, as well as taking on other instruments, to make him a well-rounded musician. 

Recently completing a two year stint of heavy work with Ohio Neo-Funk outfit, Mojoflo, traveling the country from Manhattan to New Orleans, he is back in his hometown and has fallen in with the premier Rock outfit of the area, The Eight Fifteens (eightfifteens.com).  Though he has played close to 300 gigs in the last two years, he can still be found at Blues jams and pickup gigs in the Toledo area. Other notable musicians who have employed Dave are Bobby May and Dry Bones Revival, Andrew Ellis and the Setting Sons, and Buzz Anderson's Frostbite Band, all of Toledo, OH.




Jacob Kurtz

"My MTD captured what my other basses could not."


Jacob Kurtz
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga 5-string

Music was something that was constantly surrounding Jacob as a child. "Everyone from my father, my uncle,  and my cousins all played an instrument. Inevitably I would become a musician too." He picked up the bass at age 11 and formed the band Hover with his cousins and a friend from school. Six years later Hover is still together, as strong as ever. Other than Hover he spends time working in his studio (Rock Stable Studio) with his dad recording and mixing their music.







Terrance “Mac” Mitchell

“MTD is my sound”.
Terrance “Mac” Mitchell
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga

Like many others, Terrance began his musical journey when he was a young kid in church. At a young age, he connected with the amazing tone of the bass and was gifted his first bass on his 12th birthday. It has been nothing but hard work and lots of practice since then.

Now, he is not only a gifted bass played but a song writer and a vocal arranger.  He loves the creative process of producing music and appreciates listening to each part as it comes together to create a perfect (well never PERECT) whole!  He uses Logic X in his home studio but is available for travel to wherever the artist or producer is most comfortable. Mac has worked with many outstanding producers and writers in the studio producers and writers including Matt Campfield, Edward LDB Griffin, Dany Klein, Alicia Renee, and Noel Scales. 


Instagram - @mac_bass1


Jamess Mooney

"The MTD ergonomically
style of the neck is what
sold me. If they made a 35’’ scale  4 string I would
own all of them."
Jamess Mooney
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ6

Jamess was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI
Living in the south has given Jamess a very diverse combination of music influences – from jazz to blues to rock & roll to metal.  He uses it all when he composes and mixes complex rhythms and harmonies.  He believes in maintaining a structure of free improvisation so that the soul can feel the music. That’s where MTD comes in. Jamess went with his first MTD  KZ6  for project work and to enhance his skills on the fret board. He believes in MTD and their product line with the history and craftsmanship that goes along with the Tobias brand stamped on it.

Jamess has been a Bartolini Emerging Artist for the past year. Currently working on his debut CD and releasing his first single Good-Bye by his self-proclaimed name DoRnicK. As an ASCAP member and Tunecore establishing the production of sales he will be finally living his dream as a practicing musician.
“MTD is just another milestone for me”

Jamess has a studio at home so he can indulge in his various musical projects.  It meant he had to teach himself DAW Reaper – many tutorials later and lots of experimenting with plug-ins and he is just beginning to scratch the surface of all of its capabilities.  He learned enough that he was able to master all the songs for his band and his artist pages on reverb.
Right now he is currently playing bass for SUPER HeavyWeight out of Texarkana, TX.  They specialize in Southern Metal Groove that will make your head go north and south with a dose of southern hospitality.  It is all original music with extreme fan approval. The music they perform is unlike any ever heard before. Their debut CD comes out the first week of June2017.  He says that if Pantera and ZZ Top had a child while listening to “Dangerous Toys” they would have created SUPER HeavyWeight .

  “I’ve always have had music in my life and enjoy being around others that enjoy music. “ ~Jamess~  






Michael O'Brien

"From the effortless
playability to the clear and versatile tones, my MTD
brings the best out of me." 
photo by Andy Vernon
Michael O'Brien
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga 5

Michael has been a life-long musician and performer.  He is currently recording and playing in various musical projects in and around the Philadelphia area, including but not limited to Placid Admiral and John Faye.  Michael is the music director at Rock & Roll After School, an institution where kids interact as they explore their musical pursuits and where they learn to write and play their own music.  Michael’s enthusiasm, knowledge and experience has resulted in a curriculum at Rock & Roll After School that covers the many facets of music and live performance skills with an emphasis on fun.









Brian Olivo

"With a neck so smooth and tone that growls like this,
you’ll never need
another bass!"


photo by Joel Lopez of Lumbra Records
Brian Olivo
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 5-String

Brian Olivo is a multi instrumentalist hailing from the suburbs of Chicago – music must be in the water there!  He grew up first learning to play the guitar starting at the age of 11, and then quickly became interested in other instruments such as the drums as well as the bass and viola throughout high school.  Not only did he play different instruments with his old bands, he also composed several of their songs!  Now he is writing and composing with his current band, “UnderFire” where he is the bassist and does some of accompanying vocals and screams.

He also plays various random instruments, such as harmonica and ocarina thanks to the music of Bob Dylan and Koji Kondo. He is inspired by several artists such as Andy Timmons, and Tim Henson of Polyphia for guitar, Victor Wooten and Nathan Navarro for bass and Thomas Lang and Luke Holland for drums.

Brian has a strong music theory background and is currently working on his bachelor's degree in Audio Design and
Production from Columbia College Chicago.  He has a background in Music Technology from Triton College in River Grove where he studied recording, music performance, music theory, and has spent much time on both sides of the recording board.



Vicki Lea Parnell Vicki Lea Parnell
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 4

Vicki Lea started her career in 1978 singing in a small club band. In the next years she moved on to touring bands and then forming her own bands.  One of which was  Prime Tyme, which was made up of some of the hottest musicians in the south. Prime Tyme toured as far north as Minnesota and as far south as Key West, Florida. Opening up for several major agencies and acts such as Blackfoot, The Barrio Boys, Brad Gillis of NIght Ranger, Ace Frehley of Kiss, Michael Morales, and others.    While in Prime Tyme, Vicki not only managed the band, she fronted the band, sang, played guitar, drums, and keyboards whenever needed.  Along with being a versatile musician and performer, Vicki is also a wife and mother of three, Leah, Cody, and Jessi.  Each being very important to her and helped her in making her next career move.  Deciding to come off the road, Vicki made the move to form an acoustic project. She and her husband, Jay, formed Virtually Unshockable.  Virtually Unshockable played a gig with MTD Artist Mark Palen of Weekend Bender and she fell in love with his sound and his bass!  Calling Mark for advice, he got her hooked up and Vicki is looking forward to growing as a bass player in the MTD Kingston family. 

Vicki and Jay lost their two boys, Cody and Jessi in a horrible automobile accident on October 3rd, 2010. Considering not continuing with their music, Vicki and Jay soon realized that it was their music that kept them going, kept them moving forward from day to day.  They also knew that both Cody and Jessi would want them to keep playing the music they loved so much. Vicki and Jay have the strong faith that Cody and Jessi are in Heaven with God, and that one day, they will be together again.  Vicki and Jay continue to honor their boys and their music in Virtually Unshockable and their acoustic band, Front Porch Junkies.  This is what Vicki believes, " At the end of each day, I am blessed! I am one day closer to Heaven! Playing music makes that journey so much easier".



Tom P.

"My MTD KZ5 has one of the most honest and true sounds
of any Bass I have played.  Crisp high and solid lows
make it great for any style
of music.  The Asymmetric
neck is my favorite feature.
It’s comfortable, easy to
play and feels good!"
photo by Yvette Pendleton


Tom Pendleton
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5, ZX 5, CRB 5

Tom picked up his first bass at 14.  By age 15 he was playing with several commercial bands and competing regionally with his High School Jazz band.  He continued to play through college and his entry into the military, playing with his college and base Gospel choirs.  After a 26-year career he is back to his love of music and the bass.  He is a passionate and dedicated musician, continually working at his craft through performance and education.  He maintains his love of all styles of music.

Tom has a great appreciation of all current styles and techniques, including the sound and tone in today’s instruments and gear.

“Out of all my Basses my MTD is my go to.  My KZ5 plays as beautiful as it looks”



Local Hero Mark Sedlock
"My MTD almost plays itself…The neck is so comfortable and playable
that it gives 'perfect' a
new definition. It’s a
'the first time I picked it up, I never put it down' moment.. Absolutely Amazing!!"


photo by Arasim
Mark Sedlock
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 4

Born and raised in Binghamton, NY. Mark started playing bass in 1984, why? (you got it) - There was no bass player!! “Thank you for that, it transformed to become the perfect instrument for me.”

He immediately started taking lessons from numerous bass teachers in the Binghamton area. In 1990, he attended and graduated from Musician's Institute - BIT in Hollywood, CA. Mark’s intense and aggressive style of playing has always continued to grow and has evolved for him to become a great entertainer to any audience. Mark is always looking to expand his musical horizons and continue to have as much enjoyment as possible. He is currently playing with Wreckless Marci and other various recording projects in the Binghamton, NY area.






Darryal Starks

"I like the very controlled growl of the MTD. It gives you a sense of confidence with every pick, pluck, pop, & slap you give it."
Darryal Starks
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-string

Darryal Starks was born and raised in the south (Arkansas) where music was always a part of his life. He is the 12th child of 14 children and they all do something that deals with music. "Whether it's singing or playing an instrument, it's what we do in our family." He was raised in the church where he learned to play the bass guitar. Now Darryal performs at festivals, concerts, studio recording, etc. He is currently the bass teacher at his local Boys & Girls club.

"I am so greatly fulfilled by every student that enters my class. My bass of choice is the MTD Kingston KZ 5. I was an Ibanez man for a long time until I met a guy that plays MTD. I hadn't heard of that brand before but I asked if I could see how it sound & I was sold immediately. I am very pleased with my MTD Kingston KZ 5."


Tim Tyler

"My MTD’s are good for
every style of music, great tone, great quality and great playability. By far the best basses in the world."
photo by Janamarie Echols
Timothy Tyler 
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe, MTD USA 635

Tim "88Karats" Tyler started playing at the age of 17 at Sound Word Baptist church and began touring with gospel quartet group the Clouds and CLC youth. After a move to California he begin playing for various artist and churches around the Central Valley along with major recording artist such as J Moss, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Tamala Mann from Tyler Perry's movies and plays, Ronnie McNeir of the 4 Tops, local artist Chris O’Neal, Carla Hunt and many more. He is currently playing for Jamie Foxx publishing artist Sydney Nicole, Saint's Center Community Church, and The Connection Church.

Tim also has experience being an MD and arranging live shows as well. He also is familiar with the Japanese culture and speaks a little of the language as well.




Evan “Andreu Karnigie” Washington

"MTD basses are as clear
as glass and cut like diamonds."
Evan “Andreu Karnigie” Washington
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5

Whether in the studio, on stage or on TV, Evan Washington (aka Andreu Karnigie;producer) is an ambitious multifaceted bass player that continues to deliver exceptional music. After playing several instruments and winning All County and All State honors throughout elementary and middle school, he first was introduced to the bass at age 13. Evan assimilated his musical understanding and developed his keyboard proficiency to further his understanding of the bass guitar. Taking his scholastic career to Grambling State University, he graduated with a bachelors in Music Performance on Classical guitar then graduated with his masters in Jazz Studies on Bass Guitar from the University of New Orleans.

Evan has shared the stage with many New Orleans favorites including Aaron Neville, Caren Green, Brassaholics, Gina Brown, Josh Kagler, Vegas Cola, Zena Moses, Calvin Johnson, and CoolNasty to name a few. His name also appears on many records as producer and player under the moniker Andreu Karnigie as well as a composer for the New Orleans Film Festival award winning film ‘She Was Famous’. Currently, Evan is the bass player for New Orleans funk band ChapterSoul and the corporate band SouledOut. Be on the lookout for his name as he matriculates through the entertainment industry!


Armani West

“It was the first bass I picked up and the rest is history”
Armani West
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ 5

Armani West, originally from Brooklyn, NY, started playing bass guitar when he was 18 years old. Now at the age of 22, he is very skilled at his craft. He started playing in church and then expanded to professional when he became the bassist for Donte Vargas & Truly Anointed. From there his career began to expand as he was noticed by other artists. This is only the beginning as Armani has a dream to share his love of music with the world.



Kendall Wind Kendall Wind
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist

Kendall started piano lessons when she was 5 years old, and she continued with it until age 10. She could read music well and developed a good ear, but she was bored. In 5th grade Kendall decided to try bass lessons with Peter Dougan, the music teacher at the Woodstock Day School. "I loved it, and maybe due to my piano experience, I picked it up fast. Lucky for me that Mike Tobias is my neighbor!  I love my MTD bass, which I’ve named 'Gary'.”

That same year Kendall also started lessons at home with Kyle Esposito, and she continue to play bass & drums at school in ensembles and school plays. Recently Kendall joined the Paul Green Rock Academy in Saugerties and continues taking lessons there with Kyle. "I also play drums and guitar, and occasionally sit down at the piano. Paul has placed me in the show band, which is for advanced students who want and need more playing time and are able to maintain a strong commitment to their instruments."

"As for the future, anything’s possible…but in the meantime I’m grateful for all the amazing teachers in my life. Thank you Peter, Kyle and Paul! Rock on…"



Jamain Winfrey

"A true musician feels what he plays and plays what he feels”, because as we know Music comes from the heart and matters not if you like it or it’s genre someone, some Artist took the time to share what was inside of them and you can’t do anything but respect that!"
Jamain Winfrey
MTD Kingston: Kingston Z6 – Lefty

Jamain Winfrey is a self- taught bass player and music enthusiast.  A Lefty that started playing at 11 years of age and nicknamed “PeeWee Hendrix” by his peers, he started his musical journey in Gospel music in the church where he was raised.

He immediately began expanding his musical knowledge by learning many other genres of music such as Classical, Country, Rock, RnB, and Jazz just to name a few. The Band Director of his band M.B.K.  (My Brother’s Keeper) Jamain has taken many examples of his style of playing from other great Bass Players such as Andrew Gouche’, Marcus Miller and the late great Wayman Tisdale.  Jamain also uses his talent as a Producer and Song Writer, and works in Protools and Logic X and loves the challenge of musically creating new material for his self and the Band. 

He uses Bartolini Pro Electronics and has used several basses from the MTD. Family ranging from the Kinston to the U.S.A. Models and considers the quality, craftsmanship, and tonal ability of MTD. Basses unsurpassed, each time he is graced with the opportunity to gig with one


Jon Wozniak

"MTD has changed the game with the Kingston line as it is at a consistently higher quality than competitors as well as benefits from superior design. With perks like a zero-fret, asymmetrical neck profile, Buzz Feiten Tuning System, coil switches, massive sound, beautiful fret access and precise tuning machines my Super 5 is instrumental in accessing the variety of tones needed for any show or session I'm at while providing a snug playing experience. I'll never forget the first night I hit the low B live, it felt like firing a bazooka and its impact on the dance floor was explosive. Stop fighting with your bass and find one that treats you right. MTD4LYFE"


photo by BP Editing and Consulting 
Jon Wozniak
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5

Jon started cutting his teeth on Las Vegas stages when he was thirteen. Since then, he has played consistently in town and on the Strip and is one of the few bassists regularly seen around. If you can name a Vegas venue or studio, he's probably played there. Jon lives for the challenge of exploring new genres and learning different approaches to his instrument. His eclectic experience has put him in rooms with the most experienced and talented people that he is constantly learning from. From motown to metal, he's always excited to be part of a project and tracks at home for artists all over the world.