MTD International Artists

Magdiel Aybar
“Of all basses I’ve had, MTD is the one I’ve been looking for. The warmest sound I could have heard on a bass”
Magdiel Aybar
MTD Instruments: Kingston AG

Magdiel is a gospel bass player from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He loves to play bass and express his feelings through it. Gospel, Jazz and Funk are his main styles but he plays several kinds of music.

Magdiel is working on a trio project that could be launched this summer with Fusion as the main style. 



Brainard “Brian” Chandrahas

"MTD is one of the elite bass companies, my MTD Kingston Z is a beast, it’s an extremely versatile bass and it’s  beautiful looking. After years and years of research and playing on various basses for the past 7 years, I am a very happy to finally find my dram bass “MTD Kingston Z”. It’s tonal variety supports every genre. I name my bass “Wonder” J .  MTD4LYFE!"


photo by Arpitha Sylvester
Brainard “Brian” Chandrahas
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z

Brian was born in Hyderabad - India, his talent and interest in music were noticeable as an early interest from his childhood. He is now grown to become one of the most versatile bass players in India. He was a self-taught Acoustic Guitarist at the age of 15 by referring to a local newspaper article on “How to hold guitar chords”. After 17, his love for Bass Guitar became very prominent after attending a Hillsong Australia concert in 2007.

He then started playing Bass guitar in local churches since 2012, from then he has been associated with local bands gigging at different venues, arenas and gained experience of playing live for world-renowned artists and studio recordings by tracking bass for bands and artists.

He realized doing ministry through music was where God wanted him to be. He has since then played with different artists like Graham Kendrick, Sounds of the Nations, Yeshua Band, Sheldon Bangera etc. He simultaneously works towards his YouTube channel “Behind the Bass” in his free time and does many home recording for various clients as well. His major influencers are Justin Raines – Israel and New Breed, Mark Peric and Cahit Kutrafali.

He believes that God made sure to open the right doors for him to further his passion through music and ministry. He attributes his success to God knowing that without Him he would not have come this far in life.

Brian is currently the Bass player for Yeshua Band and Sounds of the Nations and touring with them in India and around the world. 



Diego Adrián Clavijo

"I love my MTD AG5 because of the big range of tones that let me play from aggressive tone of Rock to Smooth and deep tone of Jazz with just a few tweaks of the on board preamp."


photo by Maya Portillo
Diego Adrián “Clavixus” Clavijo
MTD Instruments: Kingston AG5

Diego Adrián Clavijo, Bolivian musician focused on stringed instruments, more specific on bass guitar as main instrument, but he also sings and plays guitar, ukulele, keys, and drums, he also works as Sound Engineer and Producer, Protools certified User, with knowledge on many Daws.

He has studied Bass Guitar and Music in Bolivia’s Plurinational Music Conservatory, since he started playing he recorded 3 full albums, “Sin Pretextos by Kusillo” - RockFolk, “Pulsar by Pulsar” – Rock Latino, “Fraseologia by Victor Hugo Mercado” Funk Jazz, and many singles for Bolivian artist, actually he’s working on his own project as “Clavixus” initially with YouTube covers until his First Album Release, also as session player for Bolivian Artist and Bands, his versatility as musician took him to play many genres such as Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Bolivian Folk. More over he has the ability to well behave in both Spanish and English language and culture. Actually his main bass guitar is a MTD Kingston AG5 (C-G-D-A-E tuned) because of the big range of tone and possibilities to play and record any kind of Music with just one Bass Guitar.



Richmond Danquah

"MTD is the best bass I have ever played. It has an amazing tone and can be adjusted to suit any genre of music. No need to switch basses on a gig when you have an MTD. My MTD is my signature – it brands me as a bassist. I love my bass and can play it tirelessly all day. #MTD4LYFE"
Photo by Kodzo Asamany (Kodbla Studios)
Richmond Danquah
MTD Instruments: Kingston ZX5

Richmond’s passion as a bassist started at the age of 18. With hard work, dedication and persistence in practice, he has grown to become a very good, exciting, versatile and multi-talented bassist. He started his music journey at the age of 16 as a drummer. A couple of months’ after, he learned how to play the keyboard and used the knowledge and skill acquired to learn, build and improve himself as a bass guitar player.
Richmond plays mostly in church and other gospel related functions and has had the opportunity to record and play gigs with some of Ghana’s finest artistes like Minister Bibi Adu-Poku, Kofi Owoahene, The Levite Fletcher Narh (USA) and other gospel musicians.

He attributes his success to God knowing that without Him he would not have come this far in life. Richmond listens and derives inspiration from other musicians like Opoku Sanaa, Darrell Freeman, Richard Bona, Robert Bubby Lewis, Alan Snoop Evans, Victor Wooten, Daniel Sing, Scott Devine, Philip Acquah, Prince Sennah, Affreh Jnr., Barima Okyere Aniim Jnr., Kwabena Okyere Darko, Joseph Wilson, Nana Mintah Bowak, Abraham Kokoru, Paa Kow Quansah (Nsenku Pekay), Emmanual Boakye Nkansah and Kwame Yeboah.





Parshwa "Paapu leftybass" Jyoti Das

"I thank MTD for such an amazing bass. Its tonal quality, its playing ability and all features are just superb. This bass is really suitable for all kind of music and its tonal quality justifies all genres of music. Thanks again MTD for made this left handed beauty."
photo by Ranjana Bejbaruah
Parshwa "Paapu leftybass" Jyoti Das
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6 (Lefty)

Paapu is originally from Assam, a state in North-Eastern India and was raised in a very musical family.  He started singing at an early age and learning the Tabla, which is an Indian Classical Percussion Instrument.  Classical Indian music is rhythmically very complex and his experience with the Tabla turned out to be an outstanding foundation for his bass and guitar education. 

He has studied all genres of music – both Eastern and Western (Blues, Jazz, Funk, Folk and Fusion).  Paapu also studied Sound Engineering.  He moved to Mumbai (major center of Bollywood) and became very involved in the Bollywood film and music industry – from lending his bass chops, working with backup singers, music directors, etc.  He is also doing recording sessions and musical TV shows too.

He travels around the world with various artists and his Sufi-fusion band “India-Routes”. Additionally Paapu is working on his solo project, where he blends folk and classical music and musical instruments of India with world popular genres.  He has a laser focused vision for the new music he wants to create.

Paapu Leftybass is always available for online collaboration, remote recording of tracks and of course loves to perform and tour.  He has a strong sense of rhythmic structure and can contribute vocals, guitar, recording insight and serve as musical director.  He is fluent in Hindi and English and lives easily in the Eastern or Western music world.

Étien “A10” Desnoyers
"The most comfortable neck with a heck of a lot of badass tone!"
photo by Francois O Valenti (Oval representation)
Étien “A10” Desnoyers
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5 with Bartolini upgraded preamp and a Kingston Z6

Etien is a Canadian bass player.  He started playing bass and drums at age 8 and as a teen quickly made is place in the local rock scene of Quebec City Canada.  He was involved in numerous original projects in various styles from country folk, electro, Jazz to hardcore and prog metal and self produced EPs, as well as created original music for promotional videos.  He left the Canadian musical scene for several years to join the Canadian military and deployed to many tour of duties where he had the opportunity to put together bands to play for the troops, mostly in Afghanistan. 

He is now back as a part of the energetic Canadian rock band MUTED SCREAMS (1st LP What are you made of…2nd on the way) and regularly share stage with major North Americans bands. He clearly demonstrates that MTD basses are as jazzy as they are rock and roll.  


Rob Giles
"The Kingston ZX is the most comfortable bass I’ve performed with. Whether I’m on stage or in the studio, finally I can relax and feel in complete control of my sound."
photo by Jed Ashley Burke Photography
Rob Giles
MTD Instruments: ZX 5-string

An Australian bassist with 20 years experience, Rob’s main project is his band “Carbon Black” – a heavy, groove-laden metal band that launches it’s debut EP in 2013.

Rob also lends his time to a number of studio projects and session work, including thrash metal supergroup “Blackened Angel” (featuring members of LORD, Austere and Serenity Defiled) and Tim Yatras’ genre bending synth-metal masterpiece “Germ” (Eisenwald Records).

Rob studied classical music at the Wollongong Conservatorium as a youngster, and turned his attention to Indian Classical music in his late teens under the tuition of Ashok Roy.

“I’ve played in all manner of genres, from folk to jazz to pop-punk. Hard Rock and Metal Music is the most challenging and satisfying to me, particularly when you’re working in a well-oiled team environment it doesn’t get any better.”



Katherine Held

"Loving it, great sound on
a real light weight bass that
I can play it for hours!"
photo by Adrian Bayona
Katherine Held
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z4

Colombian bassist Katherine Held is well known for both her academic and professional achievements. Her studies began at age 16 at Fundación Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil. This is where she first fell in love with music and developed her passion about it. She studied sound engineering at the prestigious Universidad Javeriana at first and then began her study of the bass guitar. This led her to Atlanta, Georgia, where she studied bass performance in a one-year program at the Atlanta Institute of Music.

After completion, she graduated with honors and went back to her hometown, Bogota, to continue her studies at the Music Dept at Universidad Sergio Arboleda.  During this time she also began studying upright bass. She now alternates between the two on her gigs.

Katherine has recorded with many local artists, such as Ángela Pico, Syprick and Santiago Martinez. This year she was invited to play at Fiesta de Tambores with Colombian Folk legend: Elsy Valecia.

As a live performer, she currently works with Sebastián Sero, Ángela Pico, Los Angeles Band, Paula Arenas Big Band, Bolena Prada and directs her own quartet 4KHz who's Bandola player Colombian is the Colombian Jhon Montenegro. This young artist performs more than 100 nights a year, performing in festivals, clubs, parties and private events.  Besides live shows, she does session work, records, etc. and works both in Colombia and the USA.
She graduated from a 5 year degree in music and plans to continue performing in Colombia and USA.

During her last visit to the USA she became a LaBella Strings artist and later she began endorsing K&K Sound Systems Golden Trinity Bass System.

She is fluent in both English and Spanish, which greatly contributes to her versatility as an artist.  Her aspiration is to continue performing in a variety of styles (Latin, pop, jazz, rock and Colombian folk) and to never let anything interfere with her joy for making music. And plans to record an album with her quartet for 2016.

She became her academic teaching career at Emmat (Berklee associated school in Latin America)  on the year 2015, where she continues to lead young musicians to a success path in music.

With her studies behind her and a free traveling schedule, Katherine is looking forward to further success as a studio musician and working with both upcoming and established artists.



Kieran Hogarty

"I chose MTD Kingston for the 35" and zero fret to accommodate the lower tunings I required whilst still capable of achieving a low action. This resulted in a better sound quality, playability and tone compared to previously owned basses. I was amazed by the solid and comfortable feel for such a low price, and the incredible aesthetics.  A no brainer really."
Kieran Hogarty
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5, Kingston Artist 5

Kieran started playing bass just over three years ago as a position became available in a friends band. They were already a gigging band with original music so he started playing live shows not long after first picking the bass up, trial by fire really. Initially learning guitar in his early teens reaching a reasonable level he switched to drums where he played for nearly 5 years performing to a highly skilled level learning strong rhythm and groove. This background in drum groove and guitar basics helped him excel very quickly to gain a full time position in the band and establish a personal presence and style during live shows and studio recordings. The move to MTD Kingston basses really helped him find 'his sound' with the versatility of the basses tonal spectrum, the Kingston Super 5 was main innovator for this with the dual split-able humbuckers being able to obtain nearly any bass sound possible. Check out his YouTube and Instagram channel (@kieranhogarty) for gear rundowns and playthough videos to see for yourself.

Kieran is part of Bristol's technical death metal giant Embodiment.  Its material has a large neo-classical influence combined with bone crushing chunky technical riffs making room for some amazing bass parts. It is known for its energetic and engaging live shows playing clinically tight and clean to amount to the full live experience.  The band has supported many of its genre's greatest bands such as Suffocation, The Faceless and Unearth. Embodiment also had the honour of playing at the UK's largest independent Metal Festival BLOODSTOCK (2017)! The list is only getting bigger with its increasing reputation for live technical ability and sound opening up more opportunities.

Embodiment has new material lined up for release this year (2018), with numerous festivals, gigs and tours announced and planned for the future. 

Kieran also has his own YouTube account posting playthrough videos, covers, practice and shenanigans to display the bass skills learnt from Embodiment and also what he is currently trying to learn. 

Check out the links for further updates.



Felix Jackson

"As a recording artist and session bass player and
having to work with a wide variety of artists and music producers, the need to have a bass that fits any given situation became mandatory.
And MTD does just that for me!!!"
Felix Jackson
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 6-string

Felix Jackson is a Nigerian Bassist, Drummer, Composer, Producer and Arranger. He has been playing professionally for the past 16 years and is known for his soul, originality and musicianship, which has earned him a place as an A-list bassist in the Nigerian music scenery. He has shared the stage with local and international artiste, at live concerts and studio recordings respectively. He is best known for his work with Nathaniel Bassey and lovesong (NG), serving as a bassist and with Cwasi Oteng (GH). Felix has played on numerous tracks and albums as a session player and as a sideman for artistes such as Enitan Adaba, Ronke Adesokan (USA), Ps Helen Yawson (GH), Trem choir lagos, Kaydee, Wole Oni, NNB, Preye, Ps Toni ZIno, just to name a few.

Felix is currently the bass player for the Gospel smooth jazz band, called NaBa-trio. And they have an album to their credit which was released about a year ago.  Felix is also a bass clinician and pioneer of sound of worship clinic Lagos. Also, he was a Guest artiste at the bass clinic Ghana in 2014 and 2011.



Jean Paul Jimenez

"My MTD Kingston Z6’s have the versatility to keep up with everything I play!"


photo by Khris Forero © 
Jean Paul Jimenez
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6 (rosewood fingerboard), Kingston Z6 (maple fretboard), Kingston CRB 5

Jean Jimenez is a Colombian bassist as well as a music editor. He currently works with Thalassemia, Seattle as well as his own solo Project. He leans towards Funk/Frenchhouse and is also influenced by Technical melodic Deah and Progressive metal. Between his bands commitments, and does session work. Between his bands commitments, he is active in many genres of music and has recorded/performed/toured and done session work. He has been published in Shock Magazine, Bass Musician magazine, Rockaxis, Rock Inc and Cavernet Rock Magazines and has performed live on various music programmes. His Kingston Z6 has the versatility to keep up with everything!

Jean started his professional career at 17 years old in 2002. Most recently Jean performed as bassist on tour with Implosion Brain, Tears of Misery, Cancerbero, Genetic Error, Full Knife Injection, Cyberia Organica, La Bogotá DC Funk, Vecordia, Doomsayer, DxNoise, Coretta Molly, How a Heart Breaks, Seattle among others.



Twitter: @JeanpJimenez



Elon Jones

"My MTD Kingston Super 5 brings out the creative side of me and gives me the motivation needed to take my musical journey to a whole new level. Having full control over the neck, it’s lightweight comfortable body and mean pickups, it allows versatility and much more confidence in my playing and I can comfortably say it has proven to be the brand I can definitely stand behind!!!"
Elon “Tone” John
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5

Elon “Tone” John hails from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and has been working with several musicians, bands, ensembles and artists worldwide. Being a part of the National Youth Awards amongst other awards due to his strong musical influence, he has been very influential to thousands of listeners and musicians alike with his expressive, unique style of bass playing and light hearted personality.
“Tone” started playing bass at the age of twelve and was introduced to MTD basses via social media in his early stages of bass playing. He now owns several MTD Kingston basses and have been introducing musicians to the Kingston line of MTD basses via his videos, workshops as well as mind blowing bass tapping solos and band performances locally and Internationally.

He is a well rounded musician and arranger who has over ten years experience in electric bass & synth bass. Being the director of BlueLine Entertainment, founder and producer at BlueLine Records, musical director, drone pilot, videographer and is still able to carry out his husband and father duties and responsibilities, his abilities have been so outstanding that they sometimes overshadow his character, leading an exemplary lifestyle of prodigious commitment and moral excellence. 



Eddy Koomson

“MTD is the best gear I’ve ever owned and played. The tone is perfectly made to define each genre of music I lay hands on. I absolutely love it!”
photo by Attuquaye
Eddy Koomson
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5 MP Black Burst

Eddy hails from Ghana in West Africa. He has played bass for about 4 years and plays for one of the fastest rising bands in Ghana (FlightTheBand). He has worked with many great musicians in the country with the likes of E.L, Kingzkid, Negar Wujangi, Niiella and many others. Eddy plays keys, drums and also has a great recording and Musical Director experience. He plays different genres of music including Christian and Gospel, Hip Hop, Pop and R&B. His greatest musical influence has been Opoku Sanaa with others like Sharay Reed, Marcus Miller and Darrell Freeman.


Aaron Koskelainen
"Versatile and best playing bass there is. It´s a bass I can always trust!"
Aaron Koskelainen
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga 4-string

Aaron first started as a guitar player but when the chance to join the band The Onetimer came he started playing bass as his main instrument. The band has grown over the years, having gigs even in other northern countries, won competitions and they just released their first CD “Colossal”.

He has been gigging a lot with his MTD Saratoga. "I am starting to record a little bit of my own solo bass songs. Proud to be the first MTD Kingston artist in Finland and like to thank MTD for the best basses around."



"KZ5 is a lightweight instrument that provides lots of low end and extremely crispy highs. It is amazingly versatile and it has a beautiful tone!"
photo by Dim Kountouras
Stratos Kountouras
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-string

Stratos Kountouras is a professional bass player and a bass tutor. He was born in Serres, Greece, where he took his
first piano lessons at the age of 12. He quickly realized the importance of music in his life and soon he started being
involved in numerous bands and projects around the area.

He moved to the United Kingdom where he began playing the
electric bass while attending university. He studied electric bass, music technology and electroacoustic composition next
to Neil Harland and Tim Garland.

He is an owner of a BSc and two Master Degrees in Computer Music and Studio Composition (MMus & MSc). He teaches electric bass and computer music at the Ionian University, Corfu, Greece in parallel with his Ph.D. research.

He currently plays bass for Luna Obscura, Varathron, Methods, and One of Discord. He has also released a solo electroacoustic/soundtrack album under the name Cygnus. He is a session player for various popular artists.




“I was looking for an instrument with playability, tone & aesthetics, I think I’ve found it !”
photo by Igor Omodei
post production by Regan MacGowan


Regan MacGowan
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 5

Born and raised in France, Regan started playing bass just to have fun with some friends. This hobby quickly became a passion, therefore Regan has always been actively involved in the Parisian metal scene. With influences coming from bands like Periphery, Underoath or even Muse, Regan is able to bring a powerful groove and technical skills into his current band Beyond The Dust.



Joe MacPherson

"My Kingston’s zero fret and 35 inch scale means at the low tunings my band use the bass still sounds tight and punchy! Cutting through the mix live and in the studio with ease.
Its combination of woods is a natural scoop, giving me just the right balance of low and top end I was looking for.
The best looking and sounding Bass I have ever played.
Being a lefty it can be quite hard find a bass that ticks all the boxes but my MTD Kingston ticks them all."
Photo by Alison Payne
Joe Macpherson
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ 5

Joe started playing Bass in his late teens, inspired by bands such as Metallica, Pantera, Dream theater and Black Sabbath. He joined and played in many local bands before realizing he wanted to take his love for music to the next level and decided to study music at west London university. During these 3 years of study Joe learned about styles, techniques, music history and pedagogy, this combined with some of the best music tutors around helped him improve his musical understanding and abilities. University is also where Joe met the members of the band that would become Derange, Joes main musical output. Since leaving university in 2014 Joes band has gone from strength to strength, releasing their first album (the awakening) in early 2016 to critical acclaim and touring the U.K extensively as well as mainland Europe festival appearances (Mares Vivas & Bloodstock). A new album is planned for this year, as well as a new live show, line up and set that will raise the bands profile to the next level. Away from Derange Joe also teaches in his local area as well as being a session musician for hire. He doesn’t confine himself to Rock/Metal though and has a passion for Prog, Fusion, Jazz and Funk, loving great Bass lines and grooves whatever the style.



Andres Mora

"Nothing short of phenomenal"
photo by Wilder Loaiza
Andres Mora
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5

Andres started playing bass in the early 80’s and began formal training in bass playing, music theory, harmony, and studied classical guitar.  he then went to Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles for the B.I.T. program.  While at MI, he also played with a local hard rock band and managed to graduate within the top ten of the class!  Shortly after graduating, Andres returned to Colombia and joined the seminal rock band KRONOS.  They opened for many famous USA bands (i.e. Guns N’ Roses, REO Speedwagon) and Latin American stars (i.e. Soda Stereo). 

In 1993 he formed his own band, SantaSangre. It went on to be the winner of the first TOKE 99 contest and awarded Best Colombian New Band.  "I also became a music producer and a Indy record label owner, Colibri Records.  One of my current music projects is play bass and sing backup vocals for Julio Nava.  He is a Colombian Pop Star (and former front man for SantaSangre).  I am currently in the production and recording stages of the newest J. Nava record."

Andres is a pop music composer and lyricist and have worked as a private bass teacher and music teacher.  He is available for consulting, music event productions, tour manager, and/or music director.  He is always available for session work and am bilingual and ready to travel internationally.



Bladimir Morales

“MTD is the best bass I have ever played because of its versatile design gives me the security I need to perform.”
photo by Carlos Fiengo Pericon
Bladimir Morales
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-string

Bladimir "Blady" Morales started to play the bass at the age of 18 in a local Christian church. After that experience he decided to study music at the National Conservatory of Music where he learned how to play many instruments, but finally he returned to his “first love” the bass and double bass.

Because of his talent many opportunities came to him and he started to play along with the most recognized artists in Bolivia. Ee has also recorded many albums from a variety of genres. Since the age of 21 he has played at the “Festijazz Bolivia”, a very well known jazz festival. He has had the opportunity to play with international artist like Nelson Latif and Bosco Oliveira (guitar-Brasil), Erick Bird (pianist-USA) and Mike del Ferro (pianist-Netherlands) recording a DVD called “Rhapsody”. Currently Blady is focused on the production of his jazz group called “Efecto Mandarina”.


Alvis Reid
"My New MTD Kingston KZ5 makes me feel like a better bass player! Super quick and easy neck, Amazing tonal versatility and super sexy to look at. I love my MTD KZ5."


photo by Jelena Platisa
Alvis Reid
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ 5-string

Alvis Reid, born in Kingston Jamaica. He developed an early interest in music due to his Family’s Strong influence of Gospel Spirituals. He started out playing Recorder, followed by the piano. However, it was not until the age of fourteen till he realised his love for the electric bass.

He continued thereafter to perform as a self-taught member of both his high school and church band. In year 2003, he went to the Edna Manley College of Visual & Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica, where he received his first formal musical training. Since then, he has worked in both the Gospel and secular music scene, covering various genres.

He worked as the bassist for the popular Rising Stars TV show in Jamaica, and also with artists such as; Lester Lewis, Fantan Mojah, Marcia Griffiths, Nadine Sutherland, Etana and many more. In year 2009, Alvis moved to Austria to further his education at the Vienna Music Institute. Since then, he has recorded, toured and conducted workshops with various musicians throughout Europe and Other parts of the world.

Alvis is currently working on his debut project whilst recording & touring with Millions of Dreads, an Austrian Reggae band.


Opoku Sanaa
"MTD – Simply Amazing and wonderful Bass. Provides the perfect sound and tone for every genre and style. Love it much!"


photo by Nana Beyin Jnr
Opoku Sanaa
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6

Sanaa began playing bass at age 19 and he has grown to become one of the most versatile bass players. He gigs constantly with PL Crew, a gospel band in Ghana and has done gigs with No Tribe, Joe Mettle and a couple of other musicians as well. He has recorded on several gospel albums. In addition to the gigs, Sanaa runs a music consultancy business called theBass Phactory. The Bass Phactory organizes music workshops and retreats for churches, choirs, companies, gospel events and music clinics.

Sanaa takes inspiration from God and listens to various musicians including Jaco Pastorius, Robert Bubby Lewis, Justin Raines, Dana Hawkins, Alan Snoop Evans, Andrew Gouche, John Patitucci, Darrel Freeman, Richard Bona, Victor Wooten, Kwame Yeboah, Victor Dey, Kofi Emmanuel, Philip Acquah, Affreh Junior, Prince Sennah, Dave Jloopz, Emmanuel Bludo Junior, Jay Zymera, Timothy Jackson, Prince Hakeem and listens wide to all genres of music.


David Sanchez
"Great versatile tone to cover lots of ground, in a very comfortable and beautiful package."
Photo by Jonathan Castro
David Sanchez
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ6

David Sanchez started playing bass at age 13, influenced by many great bass players. He is a session player for many artists in the Colombian music scene, currently working with Terra Sur, Index, and Six Times Eight.

David was nominated for Colombian Shock Awards with his former band Remembrance of Pain and he has opened for big acts such as Gamma Ray, Cuarteto de Nos, Behemoth, and Blind Guardian. He has also played in a Pop project (Blue Art Musique) with Miranda (Winner of "The Voice - Colombia")



Daniel Sing
"From its thunderous, phat bottom end to its sparkling highs, the MTD Kingston KZ is my go-to instrument no matter what the playing situation! I love this bass!"
Daniel Sing
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ5

Daniel is a professional Electric and Double Bass player based in Sydney. He holds two degrees in both Music and Education (UWS).

Daniel has toured internationally with various symphonic wind ensembles and big bands, completing an extensive tour of the USA in 2013. He has also performed alongside major international artists such as Naturally 7 and Grammy awarding winning group Switchfoot.

Daniel plays a modified MTD Z with Bartolini electronics.


Joe Southwell!
“My MTD let’s my fingers do the work – nothing stands in the way of the wood! A rich, warm and round tone with an edgy attack, more versatile and playable than any bass I’ve laid hands on…”


Joe Southwell
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 4, Kingston Z 6

Joe Southwell is an exciting and versatile bassist arising from the western coast of Australia, where he can be heard shaping the low-end frequencies in various bands and sessions. His musical journey began with the guitar amidst constant dabbling on the drums, until he started experimenting with the bass to fill the void in his church music team. Joe pursued music throughout school and developed his craft playing on the church scene. Having earned a bachelor degree (majoring in jazz performance) and completing studies in contemporary music at WAAPA, Joe now performs regularly on the local circuit in numerous genres – including rock, pop, jazz and R&B, amongst others.

At present, he is involved with rock/pop project Graphic Fiction Heroes and blues outfit the Paul Gioia band. Past groups include rock powerhouse Slim Jim & the Phatts, Plastic Max & the Token Gesture and Spoonful of Sugar. Career highlights include performing with Damien Leith (Australian Idol winner), Lucy Durack (Wicked) and Katie Noonan; and supporting the Hoodoo Gurus, Diesel, Matt Corby, Dan Sultan and the Black Sorrows.

He plays both electric and upright bass, but has been known to whip out the drum sticks for the occasional gig - where he enjoys interacting with the bass from the other side!

Joe is currently working in his home studio on a gospel-infused solo project.


Tristan Tait
"Not only does my KZ6 look awesome, it plays and sounds even better! The tone is so versatile, it allows me to play in any style without compromise."
photo by Anwar Rizk
Tristan Tait
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6, Kingston Heir 5

Since picking up a bass at the age of 15, Tristan has been performing live across Australia in a number of original heavy metal and progressive rock acts. After releasing albums with the bands Sobrusion, Leicohtica and most recently Elysian, Tristan has had the chance to tour with and support many big name Australian and international bands such as Arch Enemy, Darkest Hour, Psybreed, Fleshgore, Spiderbait, Sneaky Sound System, Something For Kate and Thirsty Merc just to name a few.

Tristan is currently working on a few new projects which he hopes to announce within the coming months.


Timothy Tang
"You won't know MTD until you've tried one. Best 5-string I've ever played!"


Photo by Benjamin Yang and Sam Lee
Timothy Tang
MTD Instruments: MTD 535-24, Kingston AG5, Kingston Heir 5

Timothy Tang, bass player, music arranger, composer, and producer. Born and raised in a small city called Kota Kinabalu, and currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He started playing the bass in church and from there he discovered his passion for music. His influences are Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Andrew Gouche, Bubby Lewis, Erykah Badu, Jamiroquai, and the list goes on. He holds a Bachelors degree in Music (Bmus) from the International College of Music (ICOM). 

He is currently in session with Bo Amir Iqram, a local song writer in a band called Seven and Bedroom Sanctuary. He is also involved in another project with Keith Tan who is also a local song writer in a band called Platform 11 under the supervision of an arranger named Ken Hor. His other experiences include playing for music festivals, musicals, tours, concerts, TV shows, events, functions, recordings and pub gigs. Both locally and internationally. 

"Thank God for all that He has done and provided for me. Without Him, I am nothing. Many thanks to all my family and friends, Candor Music Store, Michael Tobias, Dana B. Goods for all the support. Peace!" -Tim


Bo Amir Iqram
Platform 11

Raúl Flores Ulori
"Record my first solo album with a Bass MTD was really the best thing that happened to me, I have since October 2012. I love the natural sound that has and finish is aesthetically stunning. For the recording of this disc does not use pedals, enough with the own sound of Bass MTD !!!"
Photo by Carlos Fiengo Pericon
Raul Flores Ulori
MTD Instruments:MTD Serial Number 07100227

Raul Flores, Bass Player, Composer and Arranger. He is currently professor of Bass and assemblies Jazz intermediate and advanced from the 2014 in the National Conservatory of Music La Paz Bolivia, where also start their studies. Winner of the last version of the" Award Plurinational Eduardo Abaroa 2015" In Music Jazz Blues- Fusion. Member and Founder of the group of Jazz" Jackets Jazz Project." participated as bassist in Danilo Rojas Trio, Yayo Morales Assembly, Einar Guillen, La Paz Big Band, Bolivia Big Band and other jazz musicians. in October 2014 presents its first album soloist, a work full of compositions and arrangements own within the styles Jazz.




Jhonnathon Wagner

“God, You just love what you hear”
photo by Sol Savoretti
Jhonnathan Wagner
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5 Strings, Kingston Artist 5 Strings

Jhonnathan Wagner was born and raised in Colombia and has toured all over the world.  Although music is a universal language, knowing both English and Spanish has been an invaluable help in his session work and stage performance work. 

Jhonnathan specializes in many different styles of music, such as Latin music, Hardcore, Grindcore, Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz, and Funk.  Because of his professional training, he is able to quickly adapt his playing style to fit the needs of the performance or recording act.

Jhonnathan began seriously studying bass when he was 15 and went to the Francisco Cristancho Musical Institute in Bogotá Colombia.  He concluded his studies there in 2009

His first professional gig was with the Grindcore band Elbow Drop.  They released a critically acclaimed Debut album "I love tupa tupa GxCx".

Jhonnathan has collaborated as a session bass player for different artists on both live and studio recordings.   Some of the acts include 5punto1, Jose Manuel Ospina, D.C, Mony Vasquez,and Leena.

In 2008 Jhonnathan began touring around Colombia with Diana Hoyos for Blog Magazine Tour and “Oye Bonita”, with Nat on Nemcatacoa Festival, Marc Anthony Live in Bogotá, Car Audio Colombia, Cali Summer Fest, with Audioplaneto Live Session bass player in Mompox Jazz Festival 2013.

By 2013, Jhonnathan was sharing stages around the world with musicians like Billy Porter, Steve Brookstein, William Blake and Echoes of Etta, Kimberly Caldwell, Phillip Brown, Kate Dowman, Laura Brod, Ben Mills, Journey South, Lovena Fox, Analiza Ching, Craig Dahn, Elliot and Ian Finkel, Nick Page, Peter Grant, Monique Dehaney, Tamara Gou and many others. 

Jhonnathan is available for session work, live performance work and touring within Colombia as well as the rest of the world. 




Charly Yapo

"I really love my MTD 5 string for its lightweight and neck contour. It's easy to play for hours on end. The sound is great and the design is top notch!"


photo by Francois G.Poitras
Charly Yapo
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 5-string

Charly Yapo was born in the Ivory Coast where he developed an interest in the guitar before turning his sights to the bass.  He graduated from the Abidjan conservatory. He played with many artists from Africa and Europe and was on tour with his mentor Tangara, until he moved to Canada. The following year he became the official bass player for Jean Leloup. Since the first tour in 2002 their common passion for music has reunited them several times in the studio and on stage.

While living in Quebec City, Charly has also collaborated on many musical projects with artists like Elage Diouf, Wesly and also Aboulaye Koné who collaborated on the latest project the EP (YACO) as well as Charly’s Zion Experience album released in 2012.

His "radical sound" style of music is built upon a reggae base and colored with a touch of (afro-funk-pop-zouk).His unique sound has conquered theaters and festivals from Canada to Africa this year. Still rolling, Charly is taking out his new EP YACO giving the world his unique afro beat sound, the magic of his bass playing and also… his soulful voice.