MTD Kingston Bass Artists


JC Alza

"MTD Sounds good, Feels
good & looks good,
MTD4LYFE, My MTD Basses have  the most comfortable neck , Great sound , that
cuts thru the mix like no
other, that’s why is my
go to bass, because it never lets me down."
JC Alza
MTD Instruments: MTD USA 535 Fretted & Fretless, Kingston Andrew Gauche-5 and Z-5

JC, has worked as the bassist, arranger and producer of Funk, R&B, Pop/Rock and Latin grooves and has also worked on various projects as a ghost writer and performs both live and in studio. “I’ve been playing bass for more years than I like to think” when recalling musical experiences performing in bands ranging from Original music, Hard Rock, Funk, Celtic, Reggae, Latin and the list continues. influences including Marcus Miller, Robert Trujillo, Jaco Pastorius and respected music from Led Zeppelin to Motown, Metal and Fusion combined. Through this blend of both influences and past experiences, JC continues to focus on the style and techniques that flow through him and is continually striving to master his craft.




Jayson Angrove

"I have finally found everything I have ever wanted in look, feel and sound in bass."
Jayson Angove
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir

Jayson Angove has been playing music for nearly two decades. He initially started with the piano at the young age of six, and throughout these last 18 years, has also learned to play the guitar, bass, and drums.

Angove is currently active in four groups as a live musician: "Humble Wolf" (on Unboxed Records) with whom he is the lead songwriter, lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and also plays keys. In "Thomas and Plecker" and "Music by Derek Thomas," Angove plays guitar, bass and keys, but also sings backup. With "Love Royale," Angove plays guitar and keys. Angove has also played with bands like Abbey Sky, Pointdexter, Nikki Nelson and Devin Wright.

He also teaches piano, guitar, bass, and drums to more than a dozen students at One Eleven Music School.

Jayson Angove is also the chief recording engineer and producer at One Eleven Recording Studio in Roseville, CA.



Keith Askins

"Hip-hop, R&B & Soul, Gospel, Smooth Jazz or in the studio either of my Kingston basses (MTD KZ6, AG6 or Saratoga Deluxe 5) allows me to cover it all effortlessly and gives me what I need on any given night or situation. My MTD Kingstons go with me from City to City, State to State, Country to Country. High end quality basses without the High end price."
photo by Kymora Jaxson
Keith Askins
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ6 Natural, Kingston AG6, Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5

Keith, is a multi-genre professional bass player, when not on tour with Soul/Pop Indie artist SuCh or MD’ing shows for R&B duo Paul Campbell or for former NFLer turned R&B artist Nate “NaPalm” Palmer he can be found performing with the Diamond Empire Band (Wedding, Corporate & Festival Band) as well  gospel, r&b,& smooth jazz artists that come to town and around the Denver Region. Keith can also be seen & heard keeping the bottom end at Potters House of Denver every Wed & Sun in worship service playing to a multicultural & multigeneration congregation & can be seen live stream

Keith has performed with numerous artists in various genres including Naima Adedapo (Amer. Idol season 10), Adlan Cruz (Concert Pianist), Jessie Campbell (the voice contestant), Crystal Aiken (Sunday's Best winner) Ryan Kilgore (Stevie Wonder's Lead Sax), (R&B Artists) Robbie Pardlo & Ryan Toby from the group City High, B. Smith, Dave Hollister, Chico DeBarge (Neo Soul/Soul Artists) “The Floacist” Natalie Stewart, Floetry ReBirth, Leon Timbo (Smooth Jazz Artists) Phil Denny, Elan Trotman, Joey Sommerville, Lin Rountree, Darren Rahn, Tim Bowman, New Kidz on Horns, Paula Atherton, Jeff Kashiwa, Nelson Rangell, Jackiem Joyner, Merlon Devine, Ron McMillon (Inspirational/Gospel Artists) Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin, Kurt Karr, Joy Hill, Erica Campbell, Lilian Lloyd, Kim Burrell, Vickie Yohi, The Daystar Singers, Marc & Joni Lamb, Joe Pace, CeCe Winans, Juanita Bynum, Micah Stampley, Moses Tyson Jr, Monica Brown, Colorado Movement Choir, Tommy Bates & Ashley Bates, Dennis Leonard & Heritage Christian Center, Travis Green (Hip-hop Artist) Kajmir Royale & Lea, Zin, Food Chain, even performed on stage with (Actress) Lynn Whitfield and has shared the stage with many more artists across many genres.

Whether Keith is laying down the groove in Hip-Hop, Neo Soul, Gospel & R&B, or taking a melodic solo on the Smooth Jazz stage Keith is sure to take the audience and his listeners on a musical journey

“Music is the vibrations of ones soul" I live my passion ~ KeithonBass



Julio Báez

"Nothing sounds like
my MTD"
photo by Jesus Alvarado
Julio Báez
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga 5

Born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Julio began to study music at the age of 15 years old. He learned the tuba, doublebass, and the electric bass. He also learned to play the guitar.

During his college years, Julio was a member of the concert and marching band of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. On November 2007, he founded the puertorican plena and bomba band Tres Panderos, where he serves as director, bassist and vocalist. Tres Panderos has been present in the most important festivals along the island.

On November 2010, Tres Panderos released its first album ENTREGA EL CORAZON and on February 2015 released the second album PLENERO DE CALLE Y ESQUINA. On August 2013, Julio released the solo album A QUIEN PUEDA INTERESAR, which includes five of his compositions in the genres of rock, pop, ballad and “nueva trova”. Also accompanied with his band the puertorican plena singer Angel Luis Torruella. Tres Panderos has shared the stage with Andres Jimenez, Roy Brown, Truco y Zaperoko, Haciendo Punto en Otro Son, among others. On September 22, 2014 begins a new project called Senderos de Cultura, a new band of "nueva trova" and Puerto Rican "jibaro" music using keyboards, bass and drums, with the traditional instruments. On September 2015, Senderos de Cultura released its first album PUEBLO DEL MUNDO.


MTD Kingston Player Dave Barta
"I love the tone I get
out of my Saratoga! It’s
the tone I’ve been looking
for all these years. The
best part is I don’t have
to EQ my rig to get a
killer tone, the bass
does that all on its own.
The Saratoga is truly an incredible instrument!"
Dave Barta
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga

The Pacific Northwest is home to bassist David Barta, a session bassist who got his start touring with child hood friend and Christian recording artist Brandon Bee (Save the City Records / Provident). "Currently we do 150 to 200 shows a year, both in the USA and overseas. These shows include festivals, churches, and conferences." David also tours with singer songwriter Michael Leyde of Las Vegas, and Seattle Rock group Solar.


Brandon Bee


Michael Leyde

MTD KIngston player Max Bennett Max Bennett
MTD Instrument: Kingston Z

Max has toured and performed in concert with Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Barbra Streisand, Peggy Lee, Aretha Franklin, just to name a few. His many years of working in the studios have given him the opportunity to exercise his affinity for jazz, blues, rock and latin music and to combine those elements into his music. The list of outstanding artists with whom Max has recorded includes Quincy Jones, The Beach Boys, Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Frank Zappa, Celine Dion, Nelson Riddle, Henry Mancini, Ray Charles, Michael Franks, Frank Sinatra, Michel LeGrand, Phil Spector and countless others.

Also he has performed with such jazz greats as Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, The Crusaders and many more. He then created a new concept of jazz in the world renowned L.A. Express which included Joe Sample, Larry Carlton and John Guerin, under the leadership of Tom Scott. Max then formed his own group “Freeway” and currently heads his most recent band “Private Reserve.”



David (DII) Beteta

"For those that don’t know, these MTD basses reveal the creative virtuoso that’s in the making!"


photo by Phat Tyme Photography/Portraits of Light
David (DII) Beteta
MTD Instrument: “Eva” Kingston Heir 4-String Tobacco finish with Rosewood fingerboard

David (DII) has had a love affair with music since he was very young. He found his destiny in the middle of the rhythm section on bass guitar at the age of 16 in Huntington, NY and began performing professionally shortly thereafter. He has traveled and performed all over the US and South Pacific. DII has performed and recorded music in many genres including R&B, Funk, Rock, Jazz Fusion, Samba, Salsa and Gospel. He can always create the right groove for whatever genre needed and has the discipline to learn music quickly and perform it well. Early he found that the Gospel environment gave him an edge. It is very competitive and both demanding and rewarding. His fascination for combining various genres has developed his style as a Fusion Bassist.

Performing is just one aspect of his passion for music. He also composes and arranges and has an extensive library of original songs. He scored and performed in the music for the play “A Wombmans Piece”. He worked with noted Jazz saxophonist LA Paige on the horn arrangements and he found the collaborative experience to be very rewarding. He loves composing and finds that the process “inspires me to put my own signature on the basslines”.

David found that recording and producing music can be as rewarding as performing and he has set up Ice Station Studio for his own compositions as well as bass tracks for his friends and associates across the country. His latest personal music project is his band Black Ice Theory. This quartet has an incredible lineup of bass, sax, percussion and drums. The music is very innovative and yet accessible. DII says “My stylistic approach is to tie rhythm, harmony and countermelody together with chords and harmonics on bass to create a colorful world fusion music jazz sound. The songs challenge my band members yet are rewarding to learn and fun to play. After all, this is why we each started playing music in the first place”!

David has been familiar with Michael Tobias crafted basses for many years and in 2009 he purchased “Eva” his MTD Kingston Heir. “The bass fit my hands as if it was made for me and I have been able to dial up and find those elusive tones I had always searched for in all of my music compositions, recordings and performances. Me and my MTD Kingston Heir Eva got a thing goin' on”. I absolutely love the comfort, the precision and tonal range I have with my MTD Kingston Heir. Michael Tobias is a creative genius as a luthier and I look forward to adding a few more basses to the collection.

My Bass Moto: “As the rhythm section goes, so goes the rest of the band”!

Band Moniker: Black Ice Theory, The Band You Need To Watch Out For!



MTD Kingston player Pete Bremy

"I played another very expensive "boutique" bass for a few years, but when I picked up a friend's 635-24, it was love at first sight and I had to have one. MTDs are now all that I play. My USA 635-24 was my first MTD, but have added a KZ6, CRB4 and Saratoga 5 to my arsenal."
Pete Bremy
MTD Instrument: MTD 635-24, KZ6, CRB 4 and Saratoga 5

Born in Paterson, New Jersey in October 1952, singer/bassist Pete Bremy first played drums until age 14 when he wanted to play a more musical instrument. The transition from drums to bass made sense. He studied music at William Paterson University where he met and jammed with jazz legend Thad Jones. Pete continued to play drums well into his 20’s as well as bass, giving him a great advantage for working with drummers as a bassist. Pete has worked with some great drummers too, including Tiger Bill Meligari (2004 NAMM World’s Fastest Drummer) and legendary powerhouse drummer Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Beck Bogert Appice). As a sub for Hollywood Rock Walk bassist Tim Bogert, who is also Pete’s bass hero and good friend, Pete toured the USA and Scandinavia with Vanilla Fudge in 2002, and subbed for Bogert again in 2008 with Cactus. In 2004 and 2005, Pete toured the northeast with singer/songwriter Essra Mohawk, whose album Primordial Lovers was once ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the top 25 albums of all time. He toured with Vanilla Fudge’s Stein and Martell in 2009, and again with Vanilla Fudge in 2010 as the only non-original member. He also occasionally jams with jazz great, guitarist Lou Pallo, who was Les Paul’s partner for over 25 years and who continues to lead the Les Paul Trio Monday nights at the famous Iridium in New York.

Since 2000, Pete has been with The Vince Martell Band, and lives in northern New Jersey with his wife Jean and twin sons, Adam and Matt. Pete continues to work and sub with other northern New Jersey bands ranging in style from Classic Rock, to Country and Folk. You can also see him on the road with legendary band Cactus.



Jim Campbell

"When I got my MTD I did not expect it to be all that different. I mean it’s a bass right? Was I ever wrong! I never knew how wrong my old bass was until I felt how RIGHT my MTD is! I noticed after a bit that I was not thinking about my bass anymore, I was just grooving. It just felt effortless to play. I am a believer - MTD4LYFE!!!!!!!"
Jim Campbell
Kingston AG6 and Kingston Heir 5

As a 24-year plus church bassist Jim Campbell basically learned to play at church. "I believe that this taught me so much about the intangible things in music. Things like feel, mood, space, and the connection to the people listening to you. It made me the player I am." He also was influenced by all types of music from R&B to Rock and Metal, Hip Hop and Country.

In July of 2011 Jim joined The Solid Suns, an Alternative Rock band out of Las Vegas, and they began melding their various influences which resulted in some funky, bluesy, grooving rock! They have to date recorded 2 full length albums. In 2012 they released "Bobby pins and needles" and in 2013 "Lacunas". They are available anywhere digital music is sold. "The playability and tone of these basses are amazing! All I play now is MTD and am proud to be part of this group of amazing musicians and people! It literally is a family and a brotherhood."

Jim looks forward to recording new music with his band this year and like his last recording "Lacunas" all the basses will be MTD. "I also look forward to many years working with this great Company/family that provides me with these amazing basses that allow me to be creative like no other basses I have ever had. Feel free to email me at if you would like to ask me anything about these great basses or this great company! MTD4LYFE!!!!!"



Nelson Camacho

“With my MTD KZ 5 I was able
to find the commodity, tone and flexibility I was searching for in a bass-guitar; I simply love it!”
Nelson Camacho
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5

Nelson Camacho is a bass player born in Puerto Rico with over 15 years of experience.  Although his passion for music first started with him wanting to become a drummer, he learned to play the guitar at 10 years old.  By the age of 15, he was playing in small gigs around the city where he grew up.  While a guitarist at 18, he was told a local band was looking for a bass player and he decided to go to the auditions. 

Nelson took hold of the bass-guitar and rehearsed for the first time with this band, not knowing that from that moment on, the bass-guitar would become his primary instrument.  For several years he accompanied various cover-bands, working almost on a daily basis.
Nelson has participated in various local TV programs and concerts playing with well- known artists such as Franco De Vita, Julieta Venegas, Gloria Trevi, Alex Ubago, Paulina Rubio, and others. 

In 2004 he became the bass player and founder member for the band of the puertorrican songwriter Sie7e, which he continued for 5 years.  Nelson was the recording artist in the first two albums of the singer/songwriter: “Sie7e” (2006) and “Para Mí” (2008).   Then in 2005, Nelson accepted an invitation to form part of the musical group for children - Atención Atención, thus performing in both project bands for several years until 2009, when he decided to depart Sie7e.  Since the commencement of Atención Atención to date, Nelson Camacho has been the official bass player performing in numerous shows throughout the island and such cities as Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in the USA.   Nelson has also recorded in various Atención Atención albums: “En Vivo” (2006), “El Especial” (2008), “de Viaje con el Sr. Sapo y Vera” (2010), “¿Qué Pasa con la Música?” (2011), “Vamos a Bailar” (2012).  This last album was nominated for a 2013 Latin Grammy as best album for children and is Nelson’s first nomination for this most prestigious award. 

MTD Kingston basses Emerson Cardenas Emerson Cardenas
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z

Emerson is an amazingly versatile bassist who has dedicated himself to the infinite study of music. Currently touring and recording with The Salvador Santana Band, Emerson lays it down on his MTD Kingston Z 4-string with the burled maple finish.



Kendrick Carroll

"My MTDs give me clarity
and responsiveness to handle any situation covering any genre.
Gospel music and MTDs
go hand in hand. As long
as I’ve got my MTD I’ll
keep Thumpin’ for Him…MTD4LYFE!"


Kendrick Carroll
MTD Instruments: Ash/Zircote 635; Ash/Sapele 535; Walnut/Quilted Maple 635; Kingston AG-5
Kendrick Carroll has is primarily a Gospel bassist and has been “Thumpin’ for Him” (Jesus) since he began playing bass as a child. His musical inspirations include Andrew Gouche, Marcus Miller and Sam Scott. Kendrick has performed with the late Ali Oli Woodson former lead singer for the Temptations. He’s also shared the stage with Donald Lawrence, Karen Clark-Sheard, Leandrea Johnson, VaShawn Mitchell, Edwin Hawkins, Michael Lowrey and multiple local artists in the Las Vegas area. Most recently Kendrick has been engaged in session work and has even been a part of the soundtrack compilation for the upcoming motion picture entitled “Star”. Kendrick currently performs with the Friends of Gospel and Minister Desean Horne both of Las Vegas.   
MTD Kingston Player Emmanual Cole Emanuel J. Cole
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z

Emanuel J. Cole was born on December 19, 1980 to notarized bass player J. Bobby Cole (original bass player and road manager for B. B. King) and Betty S. Cole. While growing up Emanuel was influenced by many great musicians as he followed his father around. He had the pleasure of sitting in jam sessions and rehearsals with such greats as Bobby Blue Bland, B. B. King, D'Harvey and many others. Emanuel currently tours and records with the Stacy Mitchart band. He plays a variety of fretted and fretless MTD Kingston Z basses.

David Daw
"I am a gear addict and
forever chasing the perfect
tone. I have found the perfect instrument, as my Mtd’s are
simply the best available.
Micheal Tobias figured out
perfect tone and playability
many years ago, yet somehow continues to improve it. MTD4LYFE!"
David Daw
MTD Instruments: MTD Kingston CRB 5, MTD USA Saratoga 5 with Hipshot Tremolo, MTD USA Saratoga 4 with Hipshot Tremolo, MTD USA 535 Myrtle Burl, MTD USA 435 ASH/ash/ash, MTD USA 4 string Amoeba with Hipshot Tremolo, MTD USA Prototype with reverse headstock, MTD Designed Lakland skyline hollow body

David has been playing bass 30 years. He has played 4 and 5-string MTD’s, exclusively since 1994. Starting in the early 80s, Dave played in heavy metal bands, taking a break in the 90's for a run with a band called Ivory Rose into the mid 2000,s. Ivory Rose was a female-fronted act with a Melissa Etheridge-style edge. After building his own studio, Darkworld, in Kingston, NY, and after a few failed attempts at putting together a good solid rock act, he has finally settled into a new band, Antidote 8.

Antidote 8 is a modern hard rock/metal band with an emphasis on bringing back the guitar hero! Lots of “meaningful” guitar leads, big hooks, solid bass and drums, plus great vocals.


MTD Kingston player Mick Donner Mick Donner
MTD Instrument: Kingston Z

If you are a pro bassist, or even just a fan of the instrument, then you probably have heard of Mick Donner. Mick has been a musical mercenary most of his life. He did his first road work at 13 years of age with a country band and grew up in an amazing musical atmosphere. By the time he was a senior in High School he had already met Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson and Buddy Rich. He toured for many years but came off the road to apprentice with master guitar builder, Lyle Haldy. Soon, Mick had his own repair and building shop until he got hired into the musical instrument industry.

Over the years he has worked for Washburn, Gibson, Peavey, Parker and Dean, and he is currently an independent consultant in the music products industry.

Mick comments, "I get to count guys like Mike Tobias, Stu Spector, Bill Bartolini, Rob Turner, Ken Parker, Nick Epifani and Sheldon Dingwall among my good friends.A lot of incredible bass players always seem happy to see me."

Mick lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida with his Wife, Mary and his two boys, Artie and Harry.

He is currently playing with The Treblemakers and with his Church.



Andres “Andy” Flores

“There is nothing better than
an instrument that does it all for you and my MTD does
that and even more!”
photo by Mayra Gutierrez Photography 
Andres “Andy” Flores
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5

Andy is a Southern California native (San Diego) who, like many of you, began his bass career in his church.  Within a year, he was asked to play at many worship conferences and continued to improve his bass chops at his church.   Later he joined a local reggae band and gigged around the San Diego area.  The band, Jam Kwest, is a collective of many talented San Diego musicians and it allowed him to hone his keyboarded and guitar skills.

Andy was introduced to a brand new band named Hirie and subsequently joined the quickly rising group.  It is now one of the  the leading female fronted reggae band in the country.  Andy is constantly on tour – Hirie does between 100 to 140 shows and festivals across the USA and internationally.  Andy is often involved with the arrangement ideas for live shows and was involved in its released full length album “Wondering Soul”.  Andy also does session work for other musicians.

Blending his gospel and reggae styles together, Andy  has a distinctive style of playing and thoroughly enjoys bringing the two together. 

He is bilingual (Spanish) and is familiar with Logic and ProTools so is comfortable in the recording studio. 


Efrain Flores

"The sound inspires me to
get to that deeper melodic,
full of ideas place, that no
other bass lets me do.  It is gorgeous and with my MTD
I can always be myself!!"
Efrain Flores
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 4, Kingston Z6, Kingston Super 5, Kingston CRB 4 and Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5

Efrain was born in Mexico.  When he was seven years old, he heard Miles Davis on the radio and his life was changed forever.  Now, Efrain plays many different styles of music and is in several bands.  He is also a studio session bassist, a producer, a composer and a songwriter and is always involved with a music project of some sort or another.  He is currently the bass player for Life Church Overland Park, The Pat Lentz Band, KC Flo, Pendergast and plays frequently with Pop Christian Artist Benyahu and Record Bass for Pepe Lopez Band.  And when he has time he also performs in a Jazz trio.  One of his philosophies in life is to “Always be yourself” and he needs instruments that allow him to do that.



Hugo Galante

"For me, it is MTD, all day, every day.  No other, none better.  MTD4LYFE!!!"


Hugo Galante
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 5, Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5, MTD U.S.A 535-24

After playing and owning several basses Hugo Galante was introduced to MTD's by endorsed artist and close friend Blaise Sison.  His first MTD was a Heir 5 which he purchased from Dana B Goods. "I immediately found that this bass played so much easier, sounded so much better and felt better in my hands , than any bass I either owned or played before."  Now enamored by MTD, he decided to purchase a USA, which was built to his specifications.  Playing with his band, The Blues Project, both basses go with him on gigs and he always receive compliments on the sound and appearance of his basses.  "I am able to play the blues, funk, rock or any other genre because of the versatility of these instruments." 

Even though he started in music as a sax player and having graduated from the School of Performing Arts in New York, switching to the bass is a decision he will never regret. 

"The MTD family welcomed me with such warmth, that I now have many close friends with this common bond.  I am honored and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family and to own such great basses."



Eddie Gatewood

Photo by Lenore
Lennie Golden Duensing
Eddie Gatewood
MTD Instruments: Kingston Andrew Gouche 6, Sartoga Deluxe 5
Eddie gatewood has been playing bass for approximately twenty-three years, and has had the pleasure of accompanying a variety of local and national gospel and R&B artists. Such names include: Local Memphis artists: The Maestro Derek Jackson, Jeffery Williams and Voices of Inspiration, Everett McBee, Changed, David Gillard, Jerome Greene and The Voices of Triumph, Pam Armour and Memphis Shop

National artists/assemblies: The Clark Sisters, Nikki Ross, Donnie McClurkin, The GMWA Mass Choir, The C.O.G.I.C. Mass choir, the National Baptist Congress Youth Rally, Kevin Davidson and the Voices, AD and Ashley Davis, Michael and Regina Winans, Darwin Hobbs, Rance Allen, Latrice Pace, Earnest Pugh, Faith Hill, Dani, Chris J, and Frankie D’Carlos Patrick, Bernard Williams and others. His greatest opportunity came while playing for the late, great Bishop G.E. Patterson. "It was a wonderful experience to work with him. In addition, I have had the opportunity to play internationally, including travel to Tokyo, Japan."

When not touring or traveling, Eddie can be found playing bass at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Memphis.  "I am always looking for new opportunities to expand my musical experience."



Adolfo Fito Gonzalez

“MTD Basses ergonomics are just superior. Thank you Mike for this piece of Art”
photo by Manny Gonzo
Adolfo Fito Gonzalez
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5 Strings (Previous Bass  - MTD Heir 5 Passive)

Adolfo Fito Gonzalez - aka. Fitobass - Bass Player. My music journey started in "Escuela Libre de Musica Ramos Antonini in Mayaguez where I studied classical guitar and played in the Folklore Music Ensemble. There was a double bass laying on the floor but no bass player, and I started playing it. I found my element in the lower register notes and the power of the groove.

Being navigating between the Reggae, Jazz, Spanish Pop Rock and Latin Music from the Caribbean Islands. I have played live and/or recorded with different artists like Millo Torres y el Tecer Planeta, Vivanativa, David Ramos, Skapulario, Idale, Giovanni Hidalgo, Jose Nelson Ramirez, Tom Curren, Miguel Tito Rodriguez, Sol D’ Menta, Ras Shaggaii, Habish, Polem, Jose David Perez, Mellow Moods, Javo Grant and Barrio Grande. 
Career Highlights includes performing the opening act for Ricky Martin’s Livin' La Vida Loca Tour in Mexico City, Madrid, Barcelona and San Juan; Live performing in the morning show Despierta America on Univision, National TV and playing (as part of Tercer Planeta Band) with the Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra in Centro de Bellas Artes, San Juan.



Wayne Grosvenor


Wayne Grosvenor
MTD Instruments: Kingston ZX 5-string, MTD USA Custom 6-string

Born and raised in New York City, Wayne was attracted to music from his elementary school days. He played conga drums professionally in Manhattan throughout his senior year of high school. He then fell in love with the bass, which he has played ever since. He has been playing in churches since the early eighties.

Wayne has played with various Christian bands including Regional Christian Artists and Heart for Worship. Wayne has been a regular student at the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Summer Workshops for the five years and continues his studies, privately, with several well know bassists. Wayne is a graduate of the Skidmore Jazz Institute (2012).

He currently is the main bassist for the praise team at the Fruitful Vine Christian Church, and with 4Ever1.  In addition Wayne is the bassist for Jazz4U, a jazz quartet playing jazz standards around the capital district. In 2010, he spearheaded RJQ, which is another small jazz combo. which plays jazz standards, originals, with ventures into the funk and gospel jazz arena.

Wayne is also the creator and webmaster for, which is is an informational
and educatio0nal website, focusing on jazz, but includes Latin, Gospel, and Funk information as well.
This site is updated monthly, with new feature artists, and information on upcoming visiting jazz artist performances, and more.

The true love of Wayne's life (second, of course, to God and his wife) is music, especially jazz, funk,
salsa, black gospel and reggae. Wayne can be heard on Howie Campbell's CD entitled "Thank You",
and 4Ever1's “Forever One”, "Cloud of Glory", "Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver", and "My Story,
My Song". Currently Wayne available for private bass and music theory lessons.




"My MTD is my sound, is
my voice, is like I see the
bass: deep but always
clear and punchy."
Mario Guarini
MTD Instruments: MTD535 #142, MTD 535 #317, Kingston Saratoga 5, Kingston Z

Mario Guarini is a first-class session bass player in Italy, he has performed live and recorded for some of the most influential Italian pop-rock artists such as  Gino Paoli, Patty Pravo, Ornella Vanoni,Teresa De Sio,Gianni Togni  and many others.

Now he plays with the well known italian pop artist Claudio Baglioni who sold millions of records worldwide. Mario has just finished playing in the "One World Tour," travelling around the world for a year with him . The tour ended with the release of the DVD live recorded at the Royal Albert Hall of London.

Another important collaboration is with Massimo Ranieri, the greatest living interpreter of the music from Naples.
For the seventh consecutive year he played with the orchestra  for the tv show "Amici" ,which is actually, the most followed and important music talent show  on Italian television. At the same time he is working with his jazz fusion band entitled "Fiveforgroove", a collective of well known musicians in Europe.



Clayton Harder

"It’s the cleanest sounding bass I have ever played, and yet it still cuts through the most chaotic of musical genres, I love it."
Clayton Harder
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ 6 Fretless

Clayton Harder is a young bass phenom, originally from small town Canada, who is very quickly gaining recognition in the extreme metal scene. His abilities are showcased on a MTD Kingston KZ Fretless 6, his main choice instrument for his touring with ARCHSPIRE, a Canadian group who has toured Canada and Europe extensively.

His bass playing is reminiscent of names like Sean Malone (Cynic) Gary Willis (Tribal Tech) and Dominic "Forest" Lapointe (Augury, Beyond Creation), all players that he draws influence from. Clayton began originally in 2011 as a double bass/fretted electric player, however his tastes expanded and now he is most well known for his fretless chops, but most importantly his young age; Clayton's first tour with Archspire was three days after his 17th birthday, and since has toured North America several times with some of the best names in the genre.




Bill Hill

"When tone matters!
Bill Hill
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 4-string, Kingston Saratoga 4-string

"For me, music has been something I’ve had a passion for since getting my first KISS record, back in grade school." Bill's passion for making music, though, didn’t hit until the fall of 1984 when he got to see a friend’s band playing live in a local bar. "To see the guys all working together to make the music, and see the reaction of the listeners was an instant connection. I followed the band around for a few months deciding on which instrument to pursue….and then it became clear that bass was it."

Within a couple years of practicing (plus working as a soundman/roadie) and searching for likeminded musicians, Bill was playing bass, in working bands. He covered most all styles of music at one time or another, and picked up something from all of them. Regardless of whether it was oldies, country, funk, pop or metal – groove and melody were always the main focus of his playing. "The years rolled by, and so did I, with a bass in my hands."

A couple of years ago he hired on as a substitute bassist (soon to be full time) for a popular local act. This band covered all the bases of vintage rock, with each member bringing their own diverse styles to the band, thus creating a very unique sonic experience. It was soon clear that Bill needed an upgrade in the bass department. "I was in a band that I could delve into my love of the 70s funk, and wanted a bass that was up to the task. Over my career, I have played most all the major brands and knew what I wanted (and didn’t want as well). Lightweight, durable, killer tone and affordability were all major points. The band performed close to a 100 gigs a year- so I needed a serious bass.  I had seen some buzz about the MTDs, and they had everything I was looking for in one package…and looked cool doing it.  So sight unseen (or unheard), I ordered a MTD Artist. Michael Tobias’s legendary name held enough sway with me to take the gamble.  It showed up at 3:00 on a Friday, and at 8:00 I was laying down the grooves at a gig. Not only was I blown away, but the rest of the band gave it rave reviews. This thing was perfect out of the box. Within a few weeks my other basses were up for sale. Hundreds of gigs later (and NOW in the even busier band TOUGH LUCK and many side projects) the bass is still perfect."

Bill has since added two MTD Kingston Saratogas to his collection. "Another great instrument, with a modern approach to a classic bass style and another Kingston Artist that I’ve modded with dual Bartolini humbuckers. There’s no gig or style that these basses couldn’t handle. The MTD Family is a great community of supportive musicians from all over the world.  For me it’s MTD all the way…" 



Terence “T” Hill

“Any "Michael Tobias Design" bass, or guitar is a quality instrument on which I would be proud to perform. Tone and ease of playing are just two hallmarks of the MTD brand."
photo by Louis Venne
Terence “T” Hill
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir, MTD American 535 bass

Terence "T" Hill has been playing MTD basses since 1992.
Years of performing as a professional bassist in all styles and genres has made him a "go to" bassist. R&B, Rock, Funk, Jazz, and Latin, he can cover it all.

In addition to acquiring a BS in Music Education from the University of Portland and an MA in Music from Central Washington University, Terence has performed with many of the great artists of our time, on both electric and acoustic bass.

Artists performed with:
The Kingsmen, The Moody Blues, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “Coasters”, and Little Anthony and the Imperials.
Also: Herb Ellis, Joe Morello, Gary Burton, Rich Mattison, Clark Terry, Doc Severinson, Louis Bellson, The New York Voices, Joe Williams, and trumpet great Dizzy Gillespie, just to name a few.

His recording experience includes television soundtracks for NBC studios, Disney’s “College Road Trip” and numerous television, and radio spots.



Ariel Hinojosa

“I could sit here and write an
essay on how amazing my
MTDs are, but there is nothing
like getting your hands on
one of them.  Get you one!”


Ariel Hinojosa
MTD Instruments: Andrew Gouche 6 String, CRB 5 String Fretless

Ariel Hinojosa is a working freelance/session musician based out of Texas. He plays bass for several bands in his home state and is all about Southern Rock/Texas Blues.   Ariel's musical training began when he was just 5 years old while traveling around the country with his father, a legendary Tejano musician. At a young age, Ariel was immersed into a musician’s lifestyle. Ariel knew that someday he would want to be just like his father, but rather than following in his footsteps, Ariel wanted to create a musical life of his own. At the age of 12, Ariel learned to play bass and on occasion would join in on his father’s band for practice. Since then, he has learned to play bass, guitar, harmonica, percussion, and dabbles a little on keys.

A musician never stops learning and never stops perfecting his craft, and Ariel takes that to heart. He sets the bar high when it comes to performing any instrument, but special time is dedicated to his bass playing. With the support of his family and friends, Ariel is able to dedicate most of his time to learning new styles of playing and different techniques. MTD/MTD Kingston Basses, Bartolini Pickups and Electronics, Dunlop, Lathon Bass Wear, TecAmp and Tone Tubby Speakers are some of the companies that Ariel has the opportunity to endorse and also enjoys having their support on his musical journey. Ariel has brushed shoulders with some of the music industries heavy hitters and has even shared the stage with many of them. Some artists include, Randy Rogers, Cody Johnson, Reckless Kelly, Jason Boland, Fog Hat, Ryan Bingham, American Aquarium, Shawn Davis, and many others. For now, Ariel’s focus resides with The Isaac Jacob Band and a couple of other bands, but only the good Lord above knows what's next.

Feel free to contact Ariel for updates on his musical career or if you'd like to use his talents for upcoming projects in the studio or live applications at "You can never become the best, because there is no best, but you can become great." - Ariel Hinojosa



Danny Horboychuk

"After getting my first MTD Kingston Z6 I fell in love with the line, they are very player friendly and the tone is thunderous yet defined. Everything I could ask for
in a Bass!"
photo by Andy Cox
Danny Horboychuk
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6, Kingston Saratoga 4, and MTD USA 634

Dan Horboychuk is an accomplished and successful bass player from the area of Hudson Valley, New York. His incredible drive and dedication has awarded him high recognition amongst musicians and fans local to the Hudson Valley, as well
as internationally. Danny's ability has consistently maximized beyond it's previous level to allow for great diversity and playing styles. He has achieved the ability to accommodate many different genres, each requiring a different method of playing. His work has been seen and appreciated throughout the United States as well as internationally, having performed with notable groups such as Westchester NY metal band "Dry Kill Logic", as well as Poughkeepsie rock band "Down For Low", and "Emperor of Rock & Roll, Richie Scarlet". In addition, Dan
has played with many local rock bands in his musical career which has spanned over two decades.

Session work has also become a successful avenue for Horboychuk, having worked with legendary producers and engineers including: Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin), John Reagan (Peter frampton, Ace
Frehley, David Lee Roth), Neil Perry (Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Five For Fighting), Jonathan Mover (Fuel, Mick Jagger, Joe Satriani), John O'Mahony (Cold Play, System Of A Down), and Paul Orofino (Vinnie Moore, Blues Saraceno, Randy Coven, The Cars, Leslie West, Blue Oyster Cult, Mountain).




Jesse James

"I’ve been a huge fan of
MTD since first playing an original Killer Bee, since
then I had to get my hands
on a 5 string with Bartolini pickups. There’s no other
bass out there I’d rather
than on than MTD, it’s the
bass player’s bass."
photo by Mark Louvier


Jesse James
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-String with Bartolini x5 pickups

Jesse James is a professional bass player, actor, and internationally published fitness model. His fitness passion crosses over into his music passion as he expresses the importance of a healthy body to maximize your body’s full potential on a music stage. Catch him traveling the country with his band, Hindsight.



Calvin Johnson

"These basses are the bomb!
From Jazz to Blues and R&B to Rock...these basses do the trick. They are very versatile and with great tone. I’ve received nothing
but thumbs up from sound techs
all over. MTD - the one for me.
Calvin Johnson
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5

Calvin’s introduction to bass began as a young teenager.   “My friend’s father was a professional musician and when he was away from home, we’d pull out his basses and jam out on them,’ says Johnson, “hitting those strings was magical and I was on top of the world.”  The boy’s father was Billy Cox, bassist for Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies and Experience.  “I know his Dad didn’t like us messing on his bass, and my friend got in trouble, but I got hooked on the bass guitar.  From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a musician.”

When he was 14, Calvin began performing locally around his hometown of Nashville at nights and on weekend.  By day he went to school and studied under such musical greats as Reggie and Victor Wooten, Charles Futrell, Dave Fowler, John Billings and Roy Vogt.  One of his earliest mentors, Walter King, encouraged him to study charts and learn to read music.  Walter King was the nephew of BB King and his current musical director.  Calvin says “He saw something in me that I didn’t and he helped cultivate my musical potential.”

By his mid twenties, Calvin became a profession bassist and started doing session work and regional touring.  He began performing nationally with blues/rock acts such as the Scott Holt Band, Big Al and The Heavyweights, Anthony Gomez.  He has performed with many musicians including Gretchen Wilson, Buddy Guy, Jeff Healy, Reggie Wooten, Trez Gregory, and Jerome Preston to name a few.  

Calvin adheres to the philosophy of being a consummate professional, both on and off-stage “Being a great bass player requires you to be aware of your surrounding.  You need to pay attention to what everyone is doing around you musically”, says Johnson,” when you are off-stage, you need to be aware of your fans and try to impact them as positively as possible.” 

Derek Jones Derek Jones
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5 Fretted,
Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5 Fretless, Kingston CRB 5 - Fretted

Derek is currently the upright and electric bassist for Cirque du Soleil's production of KA and the MGM GRAND Las Vegas.

He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where he started playing guitar in junior high and began playing professionally in the 10th grade with the Generation Gap Big Band. Derek switched to bass guitar in high school after hearing Jaco Pastorius'first recording. In1991, he received the award for Outstanding Bassist of the Pacific Coast Jazz Festival at UC Berkley.

He left Sonoma State after two semesters and started perusing his dream of being a full time artist. Soon he was working with Orestes Vilato in his band“Los Kimbos 90s”and immersed himself in the San Francisco salsa scene. At the same time he was studying and working with Kai Eckhardt in a duo bass group as well as with other Bay Area musicians such as David Garibaldi, Pete Escovedo, Sheila E., Paul McCandless, Joel Harison, Paul Hanson, Mike Marshal and Darol Anger.

In 1999, with encouragement from his friends Rob Ickes and Victor Wooten, Derek and his family moved to Nashville, TN where he played onsessions with Jeff Coffin, Matt Rollings, Jerry Douglas, Larry Carlton and Chester Thompson and toured with Jeff Coffin, Peter Mayer, Nickel Creek, Jerry Douglas, Grease Factor and Chrystal Gayle. Derek also played bass on the Pixar movie short "Boundin'" for The Incredibles movie recorded at Ocean Way Studios.

In August of 2004 Derek auditioned for Cirque du Soleil and in November accepted the bass chair for their production of KA at the MGM GRAND in Las Vegas, NV.

Since moving to Las Vegas, Derek has enjoyed working in a variety different musical situations, teaching privately and at UNLV as well as playing 470+ shows a year with KA.



Tom Jones

"MTD is simply a great bass !"


photo by Tammy from
Tamme Stitt Photography
Tom Jones
MTD Instruments: Kingston ZX, MTD USA 535

Tom Jones has been playing bass for quite some time now.  Growing up in the 80’s had a BIG musical influence on him.  "Playing music is just incredible and has been a big part of my life."

Tom has played and purchased many basses over the years.  He finally found the perfect bass for him, MTD ! "I just Love everything about them.  Amazing sound and remarkable craftsmanship."

His bands are The Control Theory & Talon. "Our style of music is Rock, Hard Rock and of course, 80’s Metal!"




Jonn Kelly

"The best bass I've ever laid my hands on. Fast action, true tone, powerful yet versatile enough for every genre. If you haven't checked out a Michael Tobias Kingston, you're absolutely missing out. I'll have no hesitation taking this on tour across the country or into the studio to record." 
Jonn Kelly
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 4
Jonn is high energy touring and recording bassist from Syracuse, NY. He has been rocking a bass for the last decade and is currently in the metal band LEVEL VII (New York) and hard rock/punk band DogHouse Swine (New Jersey).  He sings backup/harmonies and is constantly practicing and learning new material for both the road shows and the latest releases.  He plays across the country, sharing his high energy show and love of music. "There's nothing more that I'd rather be doing than playing out live in front of real music fans."

Bryant Lee

"MTD is my go to bass for any session, any performance and sounds great at any venue.
What really sold me on MTD was
the quality and craftmanship over the whole line of basses."


Bryant Lee
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 5-string

Bryant is the bassist for Masses Beware, a Fusion Rock band in Nashville, TN. Bryant is a mix of country bass runs with some heavy rock roots, it really adds a lot to the sound of Masses Beware. The bass is very distinguishable listening in, it is punchy when it needs it, and fills right in with the drums which make a musical masterpiece. Bryant has played bass guitar since early middle school, mostly doing the hard rock scene, later on to go into learn bass runs for country music. Bryant is also the main back up singer for Masses Beware.

Bryant has played with many other bands from middle and high school with Brandon and Nick with the band Capital Punishment which was mostly a Punk/Post Punk band. He later went into country bands playing with mostly solo artist that never got a name for themselves. He toured different states with many of these bands. He is also a regular session player. Finally when the time came up he co-founded the band “Masses Beware” with his brothers Brandon, and Nick to start a rock band they could put 100% effort into.


The amazing Bubby Lewis! Bubby Lewis
MTD Instruments: Kingston CRB 5, MTD-635

Bubby Lewis has been a long-time USA-made MTD player, but in 2010 he started performing with an MTD Kingston Artist bass. He quickly became a fan of the MTD Kingston line of basses and is now touring with a brand new CRB.

For such a young player, Bubby is an old-school, big groove bassist. He has made a name for himself as being a foundational player with a slick style, and is adept in many genres of music. His resume includes performances with FNF/Lupe Fiasco, Warren G, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, Soopafly, Westurn Union, and The Warzone.


Follow Bubby on Twitter

Bubby's FaceBook Page


Johnny “JAH-BASS” Lewis

"No need for special effects when your bass is already built with them!  THAT'S WHY I PLAY MTD BASSES!"


Johnny “JAH-BASS” Lewis
MTD Instruments: Kingston 6-String Fretless Z, Kingston 5-String Artist, Kingston 4-String Saratoga

Johnny Lewis is a well known and respected bassist among many other great musicians. Growing up in Queens, New York is where he found his love for the bass. His father Joe Lewis is also a musician, he plays the drums. Coming up he and his father would practice everyday in their garage for hours. Doing that everyday helped him master the skill of locking in with a drummer.

MTD basses are his choice of basses because to him they all are breath-taking. Johnny Lewis currently lives in central Florida, there he plays everywhere from BB Kings to the Blue Martini. He says having a versatile style and also being professional with discipline is the key to success. He plays an MTD KZ6 fretless, a five string MTD Kingston Artist, and recently received a four string MTD Kingston Saratoga. Johnny Lewis is currently on a six month tour with the BB Kings All Star band, cruising with Holland America Cruise line. At home Johnny Lewis is the Music Director at The Shabach Church in Apopka, Florida.

He gives thanks to God and everyone at MTD and Dana B Goods.



Amanda Marie

"The MTD bass exceeds
my expectations every
time with it rugged, straightforward design."
Amanda Marie
MTD Instruments: Kingston CRB 4-string

California native, Amanda Marie is the bass player for the west coast American roots trio, Cadillac Angels. Amanda Marie's first musical instrument was the keyboard but soon she discovered her passion was the electric bass. Playing in this trio places special demands on Amanda. The Michael Tobias Design bass easily meets her requirements with its rugged, straight forward design. The group has toured internationally and most recently has been focusing on the release of their new new cd, Hillbilly Girls, and is promoting it across the western U.S.



Donovan Marks

"Fantastic instrument! I'm a longtime fan of M.T. from the days of my Killer-B, Growler, etc."
Donovan Marks
MTD Instruments: Kingston AG 5

"My musical journey began at age 7 growing up in Jamaica listening to Sly Stone, Motown, Earth, Wind and Fire and all the reggae artists from Jimmy Cliff to Third World. My uncle, an avid music listener, noticed that I always picked out the basslines; he bought me my first guitar and I started studying at the Jamaica School of Music, eventually playing in bands in and around my high school."

Donovan spent about 5 years in the US Air Force, mostly in Europe, where he continued playing in various bands. He was a member of the USAF Europe Showcase band in 1983-84. "We played around Germany and made one trip to Dayton, Ohio for the National Air Force Talent Show."

He studied upright jazz bass briefly with the late Keter Betts and Pepe Gonzales and for about 3 years with Steve Novosel. He also studied classical bass with George Vance at the Levine School of Music.

Donovan graduated from Howard University School of Communication where he minored in music for my freshman year. Between 1990 and 1994 he played in various groups with the likes of Len "Boogsie" Sharp, Ken Philmore, Andy Narrell, Robert Greenidge, David Rudder, Dave Wakeling and Junior Marvin and venues like the Washington DC pan jazz festival, St. Croix Jazz Festival and Atlanta Jazz Festival. During the 80's he played with every reggae band in the DC area including Moja Nya, Black Sheep, Third Eye and Bamboo Station.

In the summer of 2013 he was approached by Culture and the Wailers (as in Bob Marley) for upcoming fall tours; however they both have extensive tours and he had prior conflicting commitments. In the meantime he is currently playing in a band with three member of the Wailers--they were 2013 Grammy nominees. One of his aforementioned commitments is a series of tours with bluesman Corey Harris. "I've been playing on and off with Corey for about 2 years with performances in Canada and Portugal."

"My bass colleagues include David Dyson (who got me hooked on Michael Tobias basses) Scott Ambush, Gary Grainger, Mike Bowie, Pepe Gonzales and the venerable Oteil Burbridge."



Rich Marks

"The KZ5 offers me the flexibility to play whatever I want when I want and achieve the tone, sound and diversity that I need and demand from an instrument."
Richard Marks
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ 5-string and Artist 5-string

Richard Marks was born in West Palm Beach FL and raised in Tampa, FL. He started playing bass at the age of 14 and quickly became a professional at age 17. His exceptional abilities got him recognized around Tampa in the Metal genre and at one point he was playing in up to 5 bands at a time!! When he was 22, he won the Bay Area’s Drum and Bass Wars and rapidly became sought after by Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk and R&B bands all over Florida and the United States. He has shared the stage with many nationwide bands such as Anvil, Dio Disciples, Drowning Pool, Firewind, Mushroom Head, KAMELOT, and many more!! Presently he plays in the super shred group HOLMES AND SLICE, alongside shred legends Rick Renstrom, Mistheria, and Atma Anur.  He also plays in Metal band War of Thrones with Rick Renstrom, vocal legend Wade Black and Drummer Patrick Johanson.

Rich’s style is amazing and his ability to match Rick Renstrom on some of the fastest leads is unparalleled. Rich is known for his incredibly melodic bass solos that showcase his impressive skills!  There are few players like Rich, and his debut with Holmes and Slice will not only welcome him to the world, but also cement his name in history as an outstanding bassist.  He can deliver a booming low end combined with virtuosic moving lines and massive technical ability.  His style not only adds incredible tone to the songs, but adds an amazing whirlwind of power.  Rich is quickly becoming regarded as one of the best new players in the industry.

Rupert McKenzie

"I have played many bass
guitars but none compares
to the MTD KZ5. The drive and
tonal range is incredible and
the look and feel makes it the
most well-rounded bass
I’ve played.
I will be playing this one
for a long time."

Rupert "Rub-a-Dub Roops" McKenzie
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ5

Jamaican-born bassist, Rupert “Rub-a-Dub Roops” McKenzie was exposed to music at a young age, thanks to his father and elder brother, who is also a bassist. A tour in Africa in 1996 launched his journey as a professional musician. Since then, Rupert has graced the stages of major concerts and festivals worldwide with many top Reggae artists.

Rub-a-Dub Roops is an accomplished studio musician who has enriched tracks for artists such as Bushman, Luciano, Lutan Fyah, Joseph Israel, Fantan Mojah, Papa San, and Meta and The Cornerstones.

Rupert is a cultural ambassador with a mission to represent his native country by bringing quality Roots Music to the people.  He continues to tour with Bushman, Joseph Israel and the Jerusalem Band, and Meta and The Cornerstones. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. 




Randy McStine

“For gigs and studio sessions, I’ve called upon friends’ various MTD basses
many times over the years,
but I decided it was long overdue to have my own.
The Super 4 was a logical
place for me to start, as it offers a very diverse palette
of sounds to create with.
Like all MTDs, it’s a beautiful instrument, and I’m just beginning what I believe
will be a long, inspiring relationship."
photo by KT Kanazawich
Randy McStine
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 4

Randy McStine is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, and producer. Currently residing in Bronx, NY, McStine began playing guitar at the age of five. Performing and recording professionally by the age of ten, Randy has appeared
on dozens of recordings. On stage and in the studio, he has worked with a diverse group of musicians, including members of Genesis, Tears For Fears, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Miles Davis, and many others.

Although he is known primarily as a guitarist and vocalist, McStine plays bass on most of his recordings, and has recently started to promote himself as a bassist for live and studio work. Randy currently fronts two original bands (The Fringe,
Lo-Fi Resistance), and can be seen on tour throughout North America as lead vocalist and co-guitarist of PFX-The Pink Floyd Experience!



Vik Momjian

"The right sound and feel for
any styles of music."
photo by Ilan Terrell
Vik Momjian
MTD Instruments: MTD USA 635-24 Marilyn, Kingston ZX-6

25+ year Los Angeles area first call live and studio bass artist specializing in multiple world/ethnic styles.


John Montalbano
"My MTDs are the mainstays
of my bass arsenal. They
have a pristine and detailed
sound and have enough
variation in tone to cut
through in any live
performance or sit well
in any mix. It’s not only
the sound. MTDs are
comfortable to play with
a nice balance so I am
not fighting the instrument
to play it. One of my basses
I have had for a while. It’s
been around the world with
me and has never
failed to deliver!"
John Montalbano
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 6 Fretless, MTD USA 635, MTD USA 635-24

John Montalbano is a New York City based performer, musician, writer and producer.  with professional credits like Public Enemy, Chuck D, DMC, Mavis Staples, etc. Although his roots are deep rooted in rock and heavy rock, John spent time studying the acoustic bass with the likes of Rufus Reid and Michael Moore to round out the spectrum toward jazz and classical music.

Although most known for his role on electric and acoustic bass, John has been writing and recording music for television for Comedy Central, VH1 and Fuse. He is currently fronting his own experimental rock group called M3.




Nick Montou

“MTD is where the heart is, heavenly tones and the
smoothest playability!” #MTD4LYFE!”
Nick Montou
MTD Instruments: Kingston ZX 5

Nick is a working musician from Lake Charles, Louisiana that claims his entire music career changed once he became the proud owner of his MTD Kingston zx5.  He quotes "My music career has steadily been on an incline ever since I plugged in my MTD.  Everything changed and I couldn't be happier!"  Nick enjoys playing many styles of music and feels that the MTD basses are always there to deliver the precise tone that is required for whatever genre it is that he is playing.  His music foundation is rooted in funk, reggae and rock.  Nick believes that music is his passion and that there is no better reward in life than doing what you love and sharing your gift with others.    

Nick is busy with numerous gigs including, "Corey Kane Band" (Country, Austin tx).  "Sean Ardoin & Zydekool" (zydeco, Lake Charles LA). "Dub Habitz" (solo project, live looping). Bass instructor at "Swicegood/Right Note Studio" (Lake Charles, LA).  First United Methodist Church (Sulphur, LA).  He also does videos on YouTube ( 



Quinton “Q-Bass” Moore

"After years of searching
and trying different brands
of basses, MTD has matched
my sound preference all the way around.  I was truly amazed and shocked on how well the KZ matches my
choice of sounds.  I couldn’t
ask for anything better. 
MTD is for sure the way
to go."



Quinton “Q-Bass” Moore
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5

Quinton Moore is an established, independent musician.  Like his father and grandfather before him, Q-Bass is continuing his family's legacy as a bass guitarist.  He started his journey as a bassist at the age of 15 following his dad’s footsteps.

Since then, he has toured with several Gospel, R&B, and Blues artists throughout his career and recorded on several albums.  He has worked and shared the stage with a wide variety of artists (i.e. Ricco Barrino, Freeway, The Renowned Four Tops, Stevie Wonder’s Tribute Band “Natural Wonder”, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Earnest Pugh, Tatiana Alekseeva of Russia, and many others).  He is currently working with international artist Carolina Soulband, Derrell Dukes, Guapo, Kendall McDowell & RAW, and is always looking for the next musical challenge.



Instagram:  iam_qbass34

Twitter:  iam_qbass34

Michael John Morgan Michael John Morgan
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6

Michael John Morgan is an American musician and producer best known as the current bass player for Suicidal Tendencies. Michael’s love for all things music has taken him from his hometowns of Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut to stages in countries around the world including Europe, Canada, South America, the United States and the list goes on. In the absence of his hometown touring church bass player Asa Livingston, Michael picked up the bass and the rest was history.

Winning a contest at the University of Hartford to open for the rapper Common was the spark that set Michael’s journey in motion. After only 6 years of playing the keys, guitar, and bass, Michael moved to Los Angeles, California. His passion for music lead him to refine his skill by studying bass and recorded music at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, California. In 2010, he left to pursue his passion for playing music full time. Since Michael has shared stages with artists such as: Mali Music, Chantae Moore, Amber Riley, The Emotions, The Fam, James Fortune, Trin-i-tee 5:7, and more. His gift and skills continue to make room for him across genre lines daily.

In 2013 he joined the Slam City Tour as a tech and emergency sub for the late Tim “Rawbiz” Williams with Suicidal Tendencies. Following his untimely passing in 2014, Michael stepped in to follow in his prolific footsteps as the lead bassist for the legendary punk band.


Craig Murray

"I love my Kingston. I can
get any sound out of her
that is needed for any genre. Can’t get any better
than that."


photo by Tiffinnie McHenry
Craig Murray
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5 and a Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 4

Craig Murray is an arranger, composer, educator, performer, and producer. He plays all of the brass, single reed, and string instruments. His primary instrument through college was the Euphonium, trumpet and the bass guitar. He majored in composition for both the BA and the MA degrees.

Craig has rescored sections of Forbidden Planet for his Masters Project. He has written several small ensemble pieces with acclaim from Dr.s David Colson and Stephen Blumberg. He is a vocal jazz arranger and has several charts to his name.

He has been in recording sessions from Sacramento to Hollywood California and is teaching his students how to excel at the process of recording whether in a home studio or large corporate rooms. Along with the performance portion of the studio Craig also uses, and teaches, writing and recording software in the 48 track digital studio at the school he teaches at. Currently the software being used is Finale 2014.5, ProTools LE, and various other bits.



Zac Myatt

“I knew in advance that the MTD Kingston AG 6 was an amazing bass. But as soon as I got it in my hands, it exceeded all of my expectations. It literally does whatever my hands tell it to.”
photo by A Glimpse of Me Studios
Zac Myatt
MTD Instrument: Kingston Andrew Gouche 6

American culture has been said to be a "melting pot". Bassist and Singer/songwriter, Zac Myatt is just that; a musical melting pot. His musical influences range from Blues, Soul, Rock, Fusion, and Reggae with a passion for music at large.

From a young age, Zac was always listening to music and not much later, wanted to make music. By age 9, Zac was singing publicly to cassette tracks. After experimenting with a few different instruments throughout his pre-teens, Zac fell in love with bass at age 13. And it has been his instrument of choice for over 10 years. By age 18, he was performing and recording with various musical groups in the Capital Region of New York; often cases being the musician youngest in age.

Zac has studied at Schenectady County Community College and occasionally studies with Ray Jung. He also teaches private music lessons in bass, guitar, drums, music theory, and improvisation; in addition to working on his main project, Ignation, and part-time in other acts.



LaMar Nixon

"I'm hooked!  I've played a lot of basses and there was always one or two things I liked about all of those basses but MTD Kingston is the one bass brand I can say I love everything about their basses; the tone is incredibly rich, the feel is super comfortable to play, and they are just the dopest bass to look at on the planet."
LaMar (Mar) Nixon
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5, Kingston Super 5

LaMar was born in Coatesville, PA, a small town outside Philadelphia. He started playing lead guitar at age of 6 then later grew a strong passion for the bass at age 9. He then started to play bass for his Grandparents' Church faithfully every Sunday, until being taken on the road at age 10 to play bass for his Uncle’s quarter gospel group up till age 15.

Lamar began to play professional gigs playing for many mainstream and indie artist such as:  Glen Lewis, Tyra (Starr) Kirkland, young Steph, Musiq Soul Child, Freddie Jackson, Kevin Michael , John Legend, Beanie Seigel, Philadelphia Freeway, State Property, The Intruders , No Question, Gerald Veasley, Vivian Green, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Jaguar Wright, Sunshine Avery, Martha Wash, Sarah Dash, Tweet, Maysa, Full Force, The Blue Notes ,Van fields (Stylistic review), Mack Wilds, Keke Wyatt, Cheryl Lee rough, Christopher Williams, and many Other Artist.

LaMar can currently be seen playing for The Trammps, Philadelphia Freeway, The Urban Gorilla Orchestra, Bryan Parr and the Blind Date Band, and his own band - The G2 Band featuring  Jaz Jordan.


Mark Palen
"From the moment I played
the Z5, it felt right. Great
tone, great feel, great quality.
I have played MTD basses exclusively on stage since
the first time I laid my hands
on it. I love my MTD Kingston basses. Boutique basses at
an affordable price."
photo by United Bands Photography
Mark Palen
MTD Instrument: Kingston Z 5, Kingston Artist 5, Kinston Saratoga Deluxe 5

Born and raised in Kingston, NY – Mark has been playing bass for over 25 years.  His musical roots are in hard rock but he has covered a wide variety of musical styles – from punk to country to funk.   He has done studio work in the upstate NY music circuit area and has performed live at numerous venues. 

Mark moved to South Carolina in 1994 and was very active in the music scene across the Carolinas – both performing live and studio recording with some of the biggest bands in the Carolinas. In 2016, Mark relocated to the Jacksonville/St. Augustine region of Florida. He is currently playing and recording original and cover music regularly in northeast Florida.  Mark currently has 3 MTD Kingston basses in his arsenal and always looking to add more MTD Kingstons!




Ivan Pierce

"When tone, comfort and play-ability are the primary decision factors, you have no other option than to go with an instrument from the MTD family. Day in and day out, there is not another company that I trust my livelihood to."
Ivan L. Pierce
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5, Tobias Killer B 3122 (pre Gibson)

At 40 years old, Ivan Pierce has already racked up 25 years of professional musicianship and 30 years on the strings. Starting at age 10, Ivan was introduced to the guitar by his father, a life-long musician and music educator. In his fledgling years, he studied under Bob Sherrard at SMU (a student of Andres Segovia) and developed his understanding of music theory and composition.

Playing in many bands around the Dallas music scene in the 90s, Ivan cut his teeth on the road and made a name for himself as a prolific performer. Originally a guitarist, his playing was described by the Dallas Observer in 1994 as follows: "On an off night, Ivan can rip the roof off a club. On a great night he just might save your soul." Finding it harder and harder to find bassists to fill gigs, he switched to playing bass in 1997 and hasn't looked back. His first professional grade bass was a 1989 4 String Tobias (pre-gibson). Having played all over the music spectrum, Ivan has settled down in the Americana, Country and Red Dirt Scene (though you will catch him playing classic rock covers when the spirit moves him)

Today he spends his time on the road with top 50 country band Saints Eleven and when not burning up the black-top, you will find him in a studio or in his shop building road cases. Ivan's weapon of choice is the MTD Kingston Super 5 in Dr. Brown’s Burst as he loves its endless versatility and feel.



Israel Prieto

"After months of searches, I found this great bass, I read the review and I bought it. This is the first bass I bought, for a birthday present 4 years ago. When I played it for first time was a feeling like this it was the sound that had been looking for so long. I really never played a versatile Bass as the MTD Kingston Z series!"
photo by Lylo Grafía, Isamarie Prieto and Mariangel Rodríguez
Israel Prieto
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-string

Israel Prieto is a bass player, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He liked music from when he was very little.  One night when his dad had a rehearsal of his salsa orchestra in his home he escaped from his bed and hid to see the orchestra play.   He was hooked when he heard the bassist and just shocked when he realized she was a woman. That was the beginning of his love affair with bass.

At age 11-years-old he began to study at a specialized music school,"Escuela Libre de Hato Rey", where he studied the Double Bass. At that time he was in the Symphony Orchestra, the band and the string ensemble of the school. But what he wanted to study was the electric bass; and at that time it was not included in the curriculum of the school. So he began to take private classes for about 1 year. His father gave him his first gear, a bass Washburn B20 (that he still has), Gallien Kruger RB800 and a speaker Hartke 4x10 Transporter. In 1992, he began to play with several local cover bands such as: Sweet Marie Jane, Tequila Shot, Andante, Guru, Carlos and Galileo, Zero%, etc.   Israel also participated in several recordings of bands and jingles.  After several years, he began his own band, Sol D’Luna, which was very well reviewed.

In June 2012, Israel with his family moved to Houston Texas, where he begins his new adventure. He is currently the bassist for Stefani Vara. Also he is forming a cover band with his band mates, Javier Cadena CEO of Cymbag, Robert Guerrero and Holly Grice.  And in his spare time, he is bassist for several other artists interested in creating their own original music.



Daniel Roberts

"I love the reactiveness
that my MTD Kingston
Saratoga gives me! It
provides me with ample
rumble, punch and growl,
making it the perfect
bass for any style or gig."
Daniel Roberts
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga 5

Daniel has been playing the bass since he was 13 years old. Originally from Kansas City, MO, Daniel moved to Los Angeles in 2009. "I’ve played with all types of bands and artists. I currently play for Jess Penner, Son of Levi, Jordan Lara, Johnny Strat, and Andrea Hamilton. I’ve also recorded on their albums." He currently plays in the band We Cry Diamonds. He loves and appreciates all genres of music ranging from Radiohead to The Mars Volta to Led Zepplin. He has been playing live with worship teams since he bought his first bass and he has taught private lessons since 1999. He specializes in harmonics, tapping, and progressive rock.  "I love to create and to teach others to create their own flavor and style."


Al Rude

"Sound is my business and for more than a decade, MTD Kingston 5 is my bass sound in studio or on stage."

Al Rude
MTD Instruments: Kingston "Beast" 5, Kingston Fretless 5 passive

Al Rude is a bassist, vocalist, producer, engineer, arranger, just depending on the day and circumstance. He is currently performing with his band Root Shakers.

As a vocalist and bassist he has toured with Shaun Murphy, Albert Castiglia, Alberta Adams, & the Motor City R&B Pioneers. He has gigged with Joe Weaver, The Jukes, Harmonica Shah, the Motor City Sheiks, the Detroit Blues Band, and others. In the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area he has fronted the Root Shakers and Swinging Johnson's trio, and has gigged with Big Bob & The Blue Tornadoes, the King Kat Combo, Slip & the Spinouts, Stan Street & the Streetwalkers and others. In the Detroit area he was the bassist for the Butler Twins [appearing on Blues From The Heart Vol 3], Out Of The Blue, RJ’s Rhythm Rockers, Kenny Parker, Boogie Chillens [I Don't Know, No Cover] and the Groove Shakers [on Best of Heatstock Volume 2on No Cover Productions]

As an Engineer, Producer, Arranger he has worked with Brian Stoltz [Meters], Patti Smith & Fred "Sonic" Smith [MC-5], Regina Belle, David Lee Spradley [P-Funk Allstars, Earl Klugh], Kenny Parker, The Butler Twins, Marc Falconbery, Joey Gilmore, Alberta Adams, The Sun Messengers, Griot Galaxy, The Regular Boys, Michael J. Powell, JSP Records, Blue Angel Recording, Eastlawn Records, CBS Records, Rüde Records and more.  He was most recently involved with the release of Kenny Parker’s new CD “Yes Indeed!” – doing some Mixing. Mastering, and other production work.

Al is very involved with the Detroit Bass Players ( which is a great resource for all bassists.  Among other events, they sponsor a yearly trip to the epicenter of Motown – Hitsville USA.  He would like to see more MTD’s represented at their events and in the group.



Marcus Santos

"My MTD is the Cadillac of
my collection."


Marcus Santos
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist Bass 4-string

Marcus is a graduate of Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles where he studied Recording Engineering and Bass Sight Reading. He initially worked as an assistant engineer at the world famous Cherokee Recording Studios. While there he worked with such artists as Robbie Kreiger of The Doors, Steve Lukather of Toto, John Sykes of Blue Murder, Rita Coolidge, Slaughter, Jeff Pilson of Dokken, Mettalica,Tom Rothrock who produced Beck first album, Mike Frazer who produced Aerosmith's Permanent Vacation,  Junkyard & many various jingles.  Marcus has played bass for such bands as Crash and Groove, Days of Change, Free Steak Dinner, and Half Past Zero.

Since 2011, Marcus has been the bassist for rock band Hour Eleven.  Its self-titled debut cd "Hour Eleven" was released in the spring of 2013. Multi-platinum recording artist Phil Collen (Def Leppard) played guitar and sang background vocals on two of the thirteen tracks on the cd.

Marcus was voted in the top 10 bassist in 2013 by Rockwell Unscene Best Of 2013 magazine . Hour Eleven is currently signed with Culture Shock Original and is anticipating its second release "Eleveloution" in the fall of 2015.



Craig Saunders

"I am very picky when it
comes to the bass guitar I play. The MTD Kingston Artist
is the only other bass I have played since the mid 80s. I
play Carolina beach music
and variety dance music. The bass has to have a strong punch and be smooth at the same time.  The MTD Kingston Artist delivers and more. "
photo by Pat Bullock, Sterling Images NC
Craig Saunders
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 4-string

Craig was born and raised in South Boston, Va and currently resides with his family, Lynn, Casey, Casey’s wife, Erika, and Will in Sutherlin, VA.  He plays all over the Carolinas and Virginia.  The beaches of the Carolinas such as North Myrtle Beach SC and Carolina Beach NC are second homes to him and the band he is in, BigTime. 

Craig started playing guitar at age 10 or 11. He played his first professional gig at age 14.  It was a band called Diamond.  He played around a lot in different garage bands.  In college Craig switched over to bass guitar and played in a 3 piece rockabilly punk band called The Basics.  After that Craig helped form Upper Level, a variety dance band, in the mid to late 80’s and played in this band  thru 2011. During his time with Upper Level, Craig was able to play with Archie Bell.  Craig joined BigTime out of Pittsboro, NC in 2013.  BigTime is a variety Carolina Beach band.  Craig played many of the songs on BigTime’s second CD release in 2015 entitled BigTime.  This is not Craig’s first studio experience.  He has recorded several demos in the past.  Craig is also involved in writing the songs for the next  BigTime CD. 

Craig says he is very honored and humbled to be a part of the MTD Kingston Bass Guitar family. "Dana B Goods is a first rate company, as is MTD. I am very picky about what guitar I play."  He likes good balance and strong punch from the guitar. The MTD Kingston Artist has this. The guitar is light weight and easy to play.  Playing in a band such as BigTime, the bass is an important part of the music.  The bass and the drums drive the beat to the dancers to shag to.  The bass guitar has to be strong.  That’s what an MTD Kingston is.



Adam Saylor

"The tone and playability of these instruments is unlike/unparalleled by any other instruments I've ever owned. Simply incredible. They allow me to have my own voice and express myself with such ease and proficiency."
Adam Saylor
MTD Instruments: Kingtson Z5 w/MTD ZX Bartolini upgrade pickups and special custom Bartolini preamp

Adam’s interest in music began at a very young age.  He was grounded in piano, explored the drums and guitar, and fell in love with the bass when he was in his teens.  His high school teacher, Chris Braue, knew he had something special in Adam and made sure he got a solid grounding in music theory and reading music.  Adam continued his music education at Indian Bible College and was asked to play on the “To the Truth Live” album (and subsequent tour) when he was just a freshman. This was the start of his professional career.

Adam has gone on to play with a plethora of very successful artists on stages/in studios all over the world. He has toured in the US, Canada, South America and Europe.  He collaborates, writes, records and produces remotely for clients all over the world via his home and/or mobile Pro Tools studio. When Adam is not on the road, he can be found playing and/or Music Directing at his home church, Kensington Church, as well as many other churches around the Metro Detroit area.

Not only is Adam is an MTD Artist (and raging MTD fanatic) he is also endorsed by many other major industry brands such as Bartolini Electronics, D’Addario and Co., Hipshot Products, and Epifani Amplification. Recently, Adam partnered with Bartolini in bringing back a vintage, highly sought after TCT preamp circuit now affectionately known as “his” preamp. As such, Adam has become known as somewhat of a Bartolini TCT and vintage Tobias “expert”. With his YouTube videos and channel ever growing in popularity, Adam continues to do his best to help educate/inform people on the importance/differences with things such as preamp/pickup selection and getting “your” unique sound. It is his hope to encourage open dialogue with viewers and make info as easy to understand and access as possible.

Adam understands that talent isn’t enough to become a professional musician.  It also requires a considerable work ethic, a desire to help others, discipline, organization, and constantly practicing and pushing the window for greater excellence.  He is constantly searching for the best tone he can get with his instrument(s) and he helps countless others achieve the same goal.

Adam is available for travel, tours, consulting, remote recording, mixing etc. 



Rohn Simpson

“I’ve always played Tobias basses and fell in love with the MTD Kingston, now I’m stuck on it for life!”


Rohn Simpson
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ6

Rohn Simpson is an award winning musician and songwriter who plays with a sweet southern universal sound that reaches barriers, cultures and the hearts of many young and old. Rohn’s journey began when he started playing the bass guitar when he was 12 years old with inspirational influences of his father Willie Simpson Sr. It was this very impact that would spark and develop his journey and passion to personally pursue music culture himself. Although he is well influenced and skillfully plays over 18 instruments, it is the bass that articulates words that cannot be spoken. As he matured in his musical gifts and talents, many doors of opportunity opened through his humility and teachable posture.

Currently he’s with gospel recording company, Quartet Boyz label. Rohn is also the lead and founder of his gospel recording quartet group “Rohn Simpson & Reborn”. His passion is set super high for music, which allowed him to tour with tribute shows, Moonwalker- Reflection of Michael Jackson, ShowStoppers Live – Full Multicast Show. Then Hitting the stage with Carl Carton – Bad Mama Jama, Fel Davis – Body Bumpin, Floaters and many more. Also Produced and played on tunes with Billy Ocean and Michel’le.

His styles of music are interchangeably adaptable from Jazz, Classical, Blues, RnB, Old School, Country, & Gospel and many more. Rohn has shared the stage musically with top Gospel & secular platinum award winning artist etc., His musical talents are expressed in the movie – film world.  In the music industry Rohn was presented many awards by organizations in Music Conventions, Film Expos and many more.



"My MTD Basses deliver the comfort, playability and tone,
for all my musical needs. Craftsmanship at its finest!"
Blaise Sison
MTD Instruments: MTD Custom 635-21, MTD 535-21, MTD CRB 4 (USA) Kingston Saratoga 4

Blaise has been playing bass professionally since 1982. His list of credits include artists such as James Brown, BB King, Buddy Guy, Lee Ritenour, Willie Nelson, Steve Cropper, Robert Cray, Ronnie Foster, Lou Rawls, Mary Williams, and Dee Dee Bridgewater. He is currently serving as the bassist and Musical Director with The Family Stone.


MTD player Russell Shores!
"Tone is everything, for me its MTD or nothing."
Russell K. Shores
MTD Instruments: USA MTD 735-24, 635-24, 525-24 and Kingston Saratoga 5

Russell Kenji Shores was born in New York and has a varied and impressive resume. Nick-named Thor or Thunder baby by his peers for his thunderous grooves, he began playing bass at age twelve. Armed with a degree in music, he began his professional career. Russell has shared the stage with Diana Ross, Julian Lennon, The Kevin Fowler band, Lucid Dream, The Steve O’Neil band, The Major Burkes band, The ACC jazz band, The Blues Specialist which features Mel Davis cousin of the legendary T Bone Walker, Elliott Fikes and Soul Serenade as musical director, Austin Alibi, Wesley United Methodist Church The First Baptist Church ,Mt. Zion Baptist Church and The Freedom Home Baptist Church Mass Choir under the leadership of Pastor O.B, Howard Jr. Russell is also on Staff as the electric and contra bass Teacher at the Academy of Music in Austin TX. Russell plays and has the endorsements of MTD basses and U. S Master Guitar fretless bass and MTD strings and Visual Sound pedals and Genz Benz Amplifiers and AccuGroove speaker cabs.




Antoine “Tut” Stewart

"Major Tone and Definition.
MTD basses are the most comfortable, dynamic, and versatile basses I have ever
laid my hands on.
Antoine “Tut” Stewart
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-string 

Antoine Tut Stewart is currently serving and playing Bass with the Louisiana 156th Army Band, and ZionHill Church in Pineville, Louisiana where he now resides.  Since becoming an MTD Kingston Bass Emerging Artist Antoine has released an album entitled "String Talk".  The album was released on March 1, 2014 and has been proving great amongst some of the biggest names in jazz music.  Antoine's String Talk album has 3 songs within the top 10 on the Number One Music Jazz Charts (N1M Jazz Charts).  Antoine is also #1 on the Reverbnation jazz charts for Pineville, Louisiana. 

Antoine has obtained a degree in Criminal Justice from Grantham University and has a passion for pursuing law enforcement on every level. Antoine “Tut” Stewart Artist Antoine is married to a beautiful wife (Jacqueline) and has  2 beautiful kids (Ahriel & Antoine, Jr.)   Antoine is blessed to be able to play music regularly. 



Karthik Suresh

"There is nothing that beats
the tone and playability
of an MTD."
photo by Silvia Paveri
Karthik Suresh
MTD Instruments: MTD USA 635-24, Kingston-Heir 5 String, MTD USA Super 6 Fretless

Karthik has been playing bass now for 17 years and has played with various different artists throughout his musical career. While in college he played in various jazz groups and played in a big band lead by Jimmy Cheatham (Count Basie, Duke Ellington). Through that experience he played in a free jazz ensemble, which included Chris Garcia (Mothers of Invention). He played in a Reggae band called BURNT in San Diego from 2004-2009. With this band he recorded four albums and toured up and down the West Coast. In BURNT he played festivals and shared the stage with notable reggae artists such as Barrington Levy and the Skatalites. He have also done session work and one of the songs he recorded on was placed on the Showtime series "Shameless," the song called "Working Life."

Currently he is playing in Hard Rock/Metal project called Til All Is One, formed in Los Angeles in 2010. Til All is One, combines not only different styles, but different walks of life and ideologies in their music. Their sound is a blend of new school and old school rock, punk and metal meets pop with jazz and blues sensibilities. With this band he has played within the Los Angeles area including notable venues as the Key Club, House of Blues, the Whiskey, Viper Room and the Rainbow. He has also played out in Las Vegas and San Diego. They have released 2 EP’s titled "Front Row At The Apocalypse" and “Trifecta.” They are currently playing around Southern California and completed a tour going up the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle in 2013. They are currently in pre-production for their full length album produced by Francesco Artuscato (Devil You Know, All Shall Perish).

Karthik has recently started playing with piano trio PHAT CAT and will be releasing music with them soon be sure to check their facebook page for further updates.



Dava Sykes

"What can I say? It’s a
MTD! Multitude of
Thoughtful Details.
Meticulous Tonal
Made To Defy.


Dava Sykes
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5, Kingston Saratoga 4, Kingston Artist 4

“If we are the sum of our parts yet, less than one whole, what would we have to know or seek, to be the total of more than mind, body, and soul?”

Voice to strings. Percussion to double reeds, music has always been the path of communication. Classically trained and groomed in church she found herself performing on more than 13 instruments for over a decade, finding her groove in playing bass and guitar.

Her sound, an eclectic mix of funk, rock, hip-hop, and jazz—influenced by artists such as Bootsy Collins, Jimi Hendrix, Etta James, Ray Charles and The Roots. A former Navy musician she’s studied music, entertainment business, and education. Currently she records, teaches, produces, and provides artist support services.

Dava has performed across the country and has shared the stage with a myriad of Rock, Jazz, and R&B artists, including Raheem DeVaughn, Juma Sultan, Bobby McFerran, Martin Luther, and Leslie West among others.  She’s played at the who’s who of venues including New York’s Sugar Bar, The Bitter End, SOBs. The Kennedy Center, 9:30 Club, and Constitution Hall. In 2011, she was part of VH1’s Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp in Woodstock, NY, where she impressed notable rock and roll legends with her musical abilities.



Torrey Tacklyn

"Beautiful works of art both visually and sonically, there are none like them and I am proud to play them. They just feel good!"
photo by Chandra Maybury of 
C.R.Maybury Photography
Torrey Tacklyn
MTD Instrument: Andrew Gouche Signature USA 6-string, MTD USA Saratoga, MTD USA 535, Kingston Z6

Torrey Tacklyn started playing drums at the age of eight years old. In 2000, Torrey picked up his first bass and hasn’t looked back since. He lives in the island of Bermuda but he travels to US every other month to play at a church in Florida and he often visits the crew at Bass Central, from which all his basses were purchased. He also created a Facebook Page for local Bermudian Musicians and singers to network, socialize, and acknowledge their talents.

Torrey has been featured on four local artists’ albums, Dainavon Tuzo’s “The Purpose Project, Wesley ‘Big Snipes’ “The Greatest Gift”, “Proud to Be Bermudian” written and produced by Johnny Woolridge and Nolan ‘Missian’ Brown’s first album “Missian is on a Missian”. Along with being the Head Musician and the Head Engineer at The Healing Center, Torrey plays for The Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Mt. Zion A.M.E. Male Voice Choir, who have toured the United States and he is the bassist for Pink Sand Entertainment.

Torrey has played bass for international recording artists Karen Clarke-Sheard, VaShawn Mitchell, Donald Lawrence, Steve Lawrence and Shelea Fraizer.  He has worked as a Pro Audio Engineer with a local sound company Sound Concepts for over 10 years. He has mixed Front of House for international artist such as Byron Lee, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and The Temptations.


Church Web/Streaming Site


Bill Taylor

"I was always a Fender
guy… until I played an
MTD!   These basses are
so well crafted, with killer electronics, and the
playability is just stellar
for all genres of music."
photo by Sheri Garza-Pope


Bill Taylor
MTD Instruments: Kingston Andrew Gauche Signature 5, MTD Kingston Z5 (upgraded to ZX5), MTD Kingston Z6, MTD Kingston Super 5, MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5, MTD Saratoga 4

Atlanta-based, Bill Taylor, is a veteran of the Southeastern music scene having played in numerous bands, projects, and recording sessions since the late 80's. Bill pulls influences from his long obsession with jam bands and rock bassists, to craft his extended signature improvisational bass lines.

Currently holding down the low-end in Atlanta rock/jam band, The Bitteroots, Bill uses his arsenal of MTD basses for solid grooves and subtle chording on the band's five original albums, as well as, the band's extensive list of shows and festivals all over the Southeastern US.



Tito D Vallejo

"I am constantly impressed with the quality of my Heir. It has a great feel and such a versatile and useable sound. I'm very happy with this bass, and I get compliments from fellow musicians and audio engineers all the time about how well it fits in the mix."
photo by Kevin J King

Tito D Vallejo

MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 5, Kingston Saratoga 4

Originally from the NYC area, Tito brings a rich musical background to all of his current endeavors. He started singing at his church at a very early age and eventually started the natural progression to piano lessons. It wasn’t until the age of thirteen, when he discovered the bass guitar, that music became his passion, and life-long pursuit.
Tito studied music at William Paterson University under professors such as Chico Mendoza, David Kerzner, and Richard Clark. More recently, he has studied at the Player’s School of Music with the professors there, including Jeff Berlin.

Now as a professional bassist in Tampa Bay, his education and intuition have helped him build his career as an in-demand sideman. He has performed with or shared the stage with artists such as Belinda Womack, Rachel Potter, Charlie Daniels, The Farm, Brandi Carlise, and John Blackwell.

Tito can currently be found playing major events in the top rated band Phase5, as well as playing venues like Blue Martini, Hard Rock Café, and the Straz Center with several bands in the Tampa. He can also be seen performing in the hot, new performance art/rock show called “DRIP” in Orlando, Florida.  

This month Tito is proud to add two more albums to his recorded discography.

Shane Meade & the Sound – “All Walks of Life”

Erica DiCeglie – “My Gift to Bring”



Jaime David Vazquez

"I love my Saratoga! It was
love at first sight! Definitely,
an updated jazz bass! Amazing sound, simple and looks great!
Outstanding innovations and features! A classic and a classy!
Thank you Mike Tobias for this work of art!"
Jaime David Vazquez
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga

Jaime David Vazquez is a Staff Writer for the Bass Musician Magazine, Vid 90 Jazz Magazine and the director of operations of He believes that the bass is still a young instrument with lots of possibilities that have not been explored enough. He likes everything that grooves but he thinks that the bass is a great lead voice with a great register too.

His playing is influenced not only by bass players, but also by other instrumentalists such as guitarists, pianists, woodwind players, etc.  For Jaime, innovation is the key and now endorsed by MTD, he is enjoying his bass playing like never before. He's a multi-instrumentalist, bass clinician, workshop instructor, composer, arranger, transcriber, studio musician, music educator, freelance and solo artist. He has played in several TV shows, concerts and festivals with artists such as David Bisbal, Gloria Trevi, Rawy, Luis Fonsi, Olga Tañon, Lourdes Robles, Wilkins, Noelia, Shalim, Obey Bermudez, Samuel Hernandez, Tony Vega, Kimary Carrero, Hannani, Blest, Sheila Romero, Yeika Humberto Ramirez and others. Also, he has recorded jingles for TV shows, commercials, etc. An overall bass player currently playing in several musical projects from rock to jazz, studio sessions, clinics, workshops, etc.

Links: David Vazquez

Shawn Wainwright

"Playing my MTD 535 or
one of my MTD Kingstons
lets me be at the top of my
game.  They are all 'class
in tone'.  MTD4LYFE!"


Shawn Wainwright
MTD Instruments: MTD Kingston ZX5, MTD Kingston Saratoga, MTD USA 535-24 – Custom MTD Grendel

Shawn is a bass player of many styles and of many accomplishments. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, he was reared and studied in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he attended the University of Wisconsin, prior to concentrating on a musical education at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. It was at the Conservatory that Shawn had the opportunity to study with the legendary bassists Richard Davis and Reggie Willis, while majoring in Jazz Performance Instrument Studies and Upright Bass. 

Shawn has toured the United States with groups/artists such as Tom Jones Revue, Show Band, Cocoa Cream, Marty Ellis Quintet, Sherman Guy, and Frank Thompson of the Barkays. He has opened for groups such as the Spin Doctors, R.E.O. Speedwagon, Michael McDonald, Chris Isaac, Eddie Cornelius and Sister Rose. This year, Shawn has performed as the bassist for the legendary C.D. Morris, "The Mississippi HooDoo Man".

Shawn is working with several bands within the Florida area as well as national acts.  He is involved in several recording projects and three singles being produced for commercial chart exposure.  He enjoys the dance club atmospheres where his talent is uninhibited and he is free to allow his music to move people on the dance floor.  But his most important local gig is playing for God every Sunday.  He is the music director for New Generation Faith Ministries.

He believes that MTD basses gives him “punch, cut and clarity”.  He plays a variety of music and his MTDs are equally versatile.  Shawn believes Michael Tobias is a genius in his ability to give perfect tone, playability and balance to his instruments.  He says that MTD’s are one of God’s blessings.



Dante Ware

"There's never been a bass that gives me the tones and feelings that I've always wanted, than my MTD Kingston AG 6! MTD4LYFE!!!"


Danté Ware
MTD Instruments: Kingston AG6

Dante started his musical journey as a drummer. "My mom says I started playing the drums before I started walking." His father was one of the best drummers in Trenton, NJ, where Dante was born. Dante grew up playing drums and bass in church and even started touring with his grandparents’ group, the New Hope Gospelaires at the age of 10, touring the East Coast and Midwest. "We would perform with groups such as, The Williams Brothers, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Jackson Southernaires, Five Blind Boys, Canton Spirituals, and various local groups."

He moved to the Quad Cities at the age of 8 and grew up there. At the age of 14, he picked up the keys, at 16 the bass, and at 18 rhythm guitar. "I began composing, producing, and studio engineering at the age of 16. I played drums for everything the music departments had to offer all through school. Most of my influences were a variety of bassists and drummers I grew up hearing in church, Jackson 5, James Brown, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Mint Condition, Bootsy Collins, Parliament, Ohio Players, Confunkshun, Brothers Johnson, The Whispers, Luther Vandross, Mandrill, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, War, Larry Grahm, Victor Wooten, Otiel Burbridge, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Cameo…just to name a few!" 

Dante has played in a huge variety of local groups. In 2011, he played bass for up and coming artist K’Jon for a few shows. His biggest show with K'Jon was the Tom Joyner Morning Show in Dallas, TX. "I’ve also opened for Kenny Lattimore with one of my local bands. I’ve traveled all over the U.S. for various church gigs, sitting in for James Grear & Co. and Jamar Esaw (Minneapolis, MN), and other various studio sessions."

Dante is currently playing with Hamilton Loomis, a Bo Diddley protégé from Galveston, TX. He’s been touring the U.S. UK, and Europe since 2001. Together, they share a lot of the same influences.


Michael Wu
"Great instruments help
inspire creativity: they do
what you want them to do, sound like you want them
to sound, and effortlessly translate what your fingers
are telling them. This
embodies MTD bass guitars
and is the reason why I
play them."
Michael Wu
MTD Instruments:
2007 MTD USA 635-24 #1556
2008 MTD USA 635-24 #1701
2012 MTD USA Saratoga 5 #22872014 MTD Kingston Saratoga 4
2006 MTD Kingston Artist 4 (passive model)
2009 MTD Kingston Z4 fretless

Michael is a musician and bassist working in the Ithaca and Binghamton region of Upstate, NY.

Michael currently performs with the Ithaca, NY, based hip-hop group, The Gunpoets. The Gunpoets seamlessly fuse hip hop with pop, rock, soul and funk to bring the world their own unique flavor with thought provoking lyrics, deft musicianship, and top-notch songwriting.

The Gunpoets have shared the stage with artists and bands such as Arrested Development, Talib Kweli, Midnite, John Brown’s Body, Donna the Buffalo, Sim Redmond Band, and many more. In 2010, their debut album "Shoot the Stars" won several local music awards, including Album of the Year, with the single, “9 to 5” winning Song of the Year. Their 2012 sophomore album, “Come With Us”, also won several awards including Ithaca’s Album Of The Year, with the single, “Make You Happy”, winning Song of the Year. In early 2014, The Gunpoets recorded their first live album in front of a capacity crowd. The resulting album, “Gunpoets Love You: Live at the Hangar Theatre”, was included in the top 15 Ithaca Album Releases in 2014.

In addition to The Gunpoets, Michael performs in a Jazz / R&B / Funk combo called Triple Down. He also works in community theater and has been a pit musician, a musical director (“Pippin”, “Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd”) and has stepped in the producer role. Michael also enjoys performing as a bassist-for-hire for studio work and live performances, backing up a few indy original artists in the region.

Michael has been using MTD basses exclusively for studio and live performances since 2007.



The Gunpoets

Triple Down