MTD Global Ambassadors

Endorsements are handled in countries other than the US by that country's distributor.
There are many Kingston bassists in the world that aren't endorsed or don't have a local
dealer or distributor - but they are still believers in the MTD design and want to help get
the word out.
We call these MTD Kingston friends Global Ambassadors. Some are waiting
to be endorsed; some don't have a local dealer/distributor
, etc. For those of you that wish
to help get the word out in your part of the world, please email



Manuel Jimenez

"Getting compliments about
your sound on every gig is
not easy to achieve, my
MTD helps me every gig."
Manuel Jiménez (Guadalajara, Jalisco, México )
MTD Instruments: KZ5





Stefan Ong

"Probably the most comfortable and versatile instrument I have ever encountered. The playability of the neck, the tone…colour, build, everything about this bass inspires you to pick it up and let loose. It shouts, growls, sings on command. Truly amazing and worth its weight in gold."

Stefan Ong (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6


"MTD Kingston AG has a wonderdul tone. It makes
you want to play even more.
Very comfortable too."
Nzube Onwasigwe (DEBRECEN,HUNGARY)
MTD Instruments: Kingston AG 6-string