MTD Bass Gig Bags
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MTD Bass Gigbags

Everything Michael Tobias creates is simply the best it can be. Case in point - his
new MTD Gig Bags. Michael spent over a year testing and upgrading a staggering number of prototypes until he felt absolutely satisfied with the final product.

Protect your investment with a name you can trust: MTD.

Features: Benefits:

Available in 1 and 2 bass versions

Zipper does not go around the bottom

Two heavy-duty zippered pouches

Ballistic style, 600 denier nylon exterior

Plush lining with leather appointments

Thick, bilaminate foam padding

Closed cell foam outer layer

Open cell foam inner layer

Genuine leather handle

Dual backpack-style straps

Either way, a great bag for how you roll!

Bass can't fall out while you are carrying it on your back

I guess you can take it all with you

Utlra tough material in a custom MTD color

Leather appointments protect stress and wear areas

Two layers of foam offer maximum protection

Provides stiffness and protection

Softer foam that gently cradles your treasured instrument

More evidence that Mike won't scrimp on quality just to save a buck!

Both riveted and stitched for the ultimate in strength and reliability

MTD Gig Bag - Front image