MTD Kingston Super 4-string

MTD Kingston Super 5-string




The MTD Kingston Super is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn. The stunning carved body and premium finishes perfectly support an incredibly powerful electronics package. How powerful, you ask? Well, in addition to a 3-band active preamp, Michael Tobias included a threeway mini-switch for each MM-style pickup. In the down postion the pickups are in humcancelling series mode, which gives a big, bold, punchy sound. In the middle position the pickups are in single coil mode, making them sound bright and twangy. In the up position the pickups are in humcancelling parallel mode and they sound bright and sweet, with a slightly lower output than series mode. When both pickups are in single coil mode they are humcancellng when the blend pot is centered.

That is a lot of tonal flexibility! Michael has given you a massive pallet of sonic colors. So get yourself a MTD Kingston Super and start painting!

Watch this great MTD Kingston Super video from the 2016 WInter NAMM Show, shot by our friends from Premier Guitar!




MTD Kingston Super Electronics Details
Blend Fully CW = 100% neck pickup
Blend Fully CCW = 100% bridge pickup

Pickup switch "up" = parallel Hum Canceling (bright & clear, lower
output) Pickup switch "middle" = Single Coil (bright & full, hum-canceling when combined 50/50 with the neck pickup when it is also in Single Coil mode) Pickup switch "down" = series Hum Canceling (mid growl, high output)