MTD Kingston heir 4-string

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Every bassist wants a single instrument that can generate a huge variety of tones. The MTD Kingston Heir was designed to do just that. The pickup configuration, 3-band active preamp, pickup pan knob and quality tone woods allow players to dial in just the right sound for any musical situation. It has the same large pole, dual humbucking pickup as the Kingston Artist in addition to an exposed pole "J" bass pick up.  Both pickups are proprietary MTD designs.  The Heir can grind and bite or simply serve up the warm classic sounds bassists cherish.

Like all MTD Kingston Series instruments, the Heir incorporates many superior design elements found on MTD's revered American instruments. It is carefully constructed using high quality Ash, Eastern Hard Rock Maple and beautifully adorned with a Flamed maple top.  Ash is a medium weight wood that has lots of growl and aggressive tone.  The flamed maple top helps to focus the low end.  The Kingston Heir is a beautiful beast that is great on stage or in the studio.

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Terry Hill
Terence "T" Hill
Florida Artist

Tito D!
Tito Vallejo
Florida Artist

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