MTD Kingston ZX Trans Black

MTD Kingston ZX DCB


The MTD Kingston ZX is considered one of the “bridge” basses to the boutique MTD American instrument line. It is a very special instrument made for serious players. Available only as a 5-string, the ZX features a carved Mahogany body with a maple burl top and finished in a stunning translucent black gloss or satin finish dark cherry burst which is one of the most popular handmade American line finishes. The mahogany body has a rich voice and a darker overtone. The maple burl top helps to focus the low end and is incredibly attractive in the ZX. The two finishes really bring out its beauty.

The Kingston ZX bass has an extremely wide range of tones and will fit perfectly in any genre of music.  It comes with custom Bartolini electronics and pickups – proprietary parts made especially for MTD and not commercially available. The ZX is a high end instrument and deservedly so -   Incredible playability. Beautiful tone. Stunning cosmetics. This bass has it all!


MTD Kingston ZX Features and Benefits

Well known bassist Andy Irvine has fun with the MTD Kingston ZX.  Check out this vid!



Nick Montou
Nick Montou
Louisiana Artist
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