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The MTD Z Series of basses is one of our most popular lines. The series was created for the discerning player that wants the great MTD sound coupled with exceptional beauty.  As with all the other Kingston basses, it incorporates many of the superior design elements found on Mike Tobias’ revered American series instruments.  It also captures the look of a handmade, boutique-style bass. Carefully constructed using a high quality Mahogany core and beautifully adorned with a Burled Maple top, the Z basses marry beauty with unparalleled performance.

The Kingston Z series is available in 4, 5 and 6-string models as well as fretless and left handed versions.  It has a carved mahogany body which has a rich voice and a darker overtone. The maple burl top helps to focus the low end and is incredibly attractive. The two MTD proprietary passive soapbar pickups are wood covered and subtlety reinforce the wood beauty of the maple burl body top. The headstock matches the beauty of the body and the elegantly designed asymmetrical neck ties it all together.

Andy Irvine of The Daily Funk Club website ( has a Z6 performance video showing the entire instrument range with multiple right hand attack levels and techniques.

MTD Kingston Z Features and Benefits



David Sanchez
David Sánchez
Colombian Artist

Photo by Mateo Velez

Jaime David Vazquez
Kingston Z6
Puerto Rico

Photo by Jose Del Valle


Ghana Artist

Jean Paul Jiménez
Kingston Z

Photo by Alejandro Romero

Joe Macpherson
Kingston Z5

Photo by Amdrew Macdonald

Jesse James
Kingston Z5

Photo by Barry Dolton

Kathe Held
Kingston Z

Photo by Adrian Bayona

Rupert "Roops" McKenzie
Kingston Z5
New York/International

Photo by P. Tabencki/RASTAtrooper